Current Scotland County resident Sharon Bagatell and former residents Rachel Katz and Tony Sirna went to Capitol Hill in Washington DC last week to promote bipartisan climate solutions.  They joined almost 1,000 US citizens in visiting 500 Congressional offices on June 13 as part of the annual Citizens’ Climate Lobby National Conference and Lobby Day.

The trio met with the office of Congressman Sam Graves to invite the Congressman to participate in the quickly-growing bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus.  The Caucus is where members of Congress from both sides of the aisle come together, listen to one another, and find common ground to introduce and enact effective solutions to climate issues. To date there are 21 pairs of Republicans and Democrats on the Climate Solutions Caucus, and as a result of the Congressional visits, four pairs more are slated to join soon.

Bagatell, Katz, and Sirna also attended an awards ceremony honoring two Republicans and two Democrats for their leadership on climate. They applauded as Pennsylvania Republican Brian Fitzpatrick said, upon receiving his award, ““We need to get beyond this Hatfields versus McCoys brand of politics.”

As leader of the Northeast Missouri Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapter, Ms. Bagatell delivered to Congressman Graves’s office 165 handwritten letters from constituents throughout the district, –from Canton to St. Joseph — regarding their concerns about our changing climate and desire for Congressional action.

The NEMO Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapter meets monthly on the second Saturday of the month in Kirksville.  All are welcome, regardless of political affiliation or non-affiliation.  For more information contact Sharon Bagatell at