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At the end of each year, Scotland County 4-H recognizes 4-H leaders, and members who have completed the present year in 4-H.  The 2015 Recognition Event took place at the Elementary school gym on Saturday evening November 14, starting at 6:00 p.m.  The event started with a soup and sandwich supper supplied by the 4-H Clubs.

The theme of the event was “4-H grows here”.  Sadie Davis, 2016 4-H Council President, was master of ceremony and started the event with a welcome.  2015 prince and princess, Hugh Baker and Abby Doster led the pledges.  Brock Aylward, 2016 4-H Council Vice President gave Clover Kids pins, certificates and prizes to Unit 1: Layla Baker, Avery Cowell, Aden Drummond, Isaac Exner, Emma Gist, Javis Hauk, Heavenlly House, Hanna Montgomery, Letha Stevens, and Cason Talbert, Unit 2: Dane Blessing, Hannah Campbell, Carter Clatt, Emery Kirchner, Trent Mallett, and Wesley McSparren, Unit 3: Mason Mallett.  The Scotland County 4-H Council presented an award to those Clover Kids that exhibited at the fair.

The Exchange Bank sponsors member year pins for those members who fill out the project record forms.  Azen Jolly Timers members who received year pins were:  first year, Emma Anders, second year, Kendal Anderson, Bryn Aylward, Penelope Cline, Abby Doster, Katie Miller, Brenna Phillips, third year, Eric Mohr, fourth year, Bobbi Darcy, fifth year, Kaden Anders, sixth year, Brock Aylward, Haley Darcy, seventh year, Nova Cline, Kyle Mohr, ninth year Kylee Johnston, tenth year, Tasha Eggleston-Wood and Taylar Eggleston-Wood.  Gorin Go-Getters members who received year pins were: first year, Beau Triplett, second year, Hugh Baker, Corbin Blessing, Ethan Blessing, third year, Lauren Triplett, Owen Triplett, fourth year, Clara Davis, fifth year, Jenna Blessing, Morgan Blessing, Sadie Davis, Anna Triplett, Parker Triplett, sixth year, Abby Blessing, Luke Triplett, eighth year, Lane Pence, and Jolly Jacks and Jills, second year, Elsie Kigar, Corbin Kirchner, third year, Eli Kigar, sixth year Conner Wiggins.

The Exchange Bank also sponsors pins awarded to leaders.  Pins are presented to leaders for each five years of service.  Those leaders receiving first year pins were: Kristal Phillips, Shawn Phillips, Judy Boland, Joseph Kirchner, Ian Kirchner, Tammy Kirchner, Henry Blessing II and Stewart Blessing.  Fifth year pins were presented to Kelly Ward, Chad Triplett and Heidi Triplett.  Joshua McSparren received a ten year pin, Kristy Eggleston-Wood a fifteen year pin and Randy Ward a twenty five year pin.

4-H has a report form that members can fill out for more awards.  The 4-H Council gives an award for those members who filled out the report form.  Vanessa Triplett, 4-H Council Advisor, presented awards to the twenty members who filled out the report form: Kendal Anderson, Brock Aylward, Bryn Aylward, Hugh Baker, Penelope Cline, Clara Davis, Sadie Davis, Abby Doster, Tasha Eggleston-Wood, Taylar Eggleston-Wood, Eli Kigar, Elsie Kigar, Katie Miller, Lane Pence, Brenna Phillips, Lauren Triplett, Luke Triplett, Anna Triplett, Beau Triplett, and Conner Wiggins.  Metals were presented to members in the projects they qualified for with the report forms.  Luke Triplett, Taylar Eggleston-Wood and Tasha Eggleston-Wood received metals in Beef.  Bryn Aylward and Abby Doster received metals in Clothing. Clara Davis received a metal in Dogs.  Kendal Anderson and Elsie Kigar received metals in Food and Nutrition.  Hugh Baker, Penelope Cline, Anna Triplett and Beau Triplett received metals in Goats.  Brenna Phillips received a metal in Horse.  Sadie Davis and Katie Miller received metals in Sheep.  Eli Kigar, Lane Pence and Conner Wiggins received metals in Shooting Sports and Brock Aylward received a metal in Swine.

In 2014 Abby Doster filled out a report form that was one of the top forms and competed at both district and state levels.  Karen Loyd-Minear, 4-H Youth Specialist for Scotland County presented Abby with a State Excellence Award metal and certificate for her 2014 report form.

Sarah McSparren, Scotland County Shooting Sports Coordinator, presented shooting sports certificates and ribbons from the State Shoot. The ribbons were as follows: Jaycen Bair, Skeet 100 – White, Sporting Clays 100 – Red,  Kenny Bair, Skeet 100 – Red, Skeet Doubles – Blue, Sporting Clays 100 – Blue, Bobbi Darcy, 3D Compound – Red, Amer 600 Comp – Red, NFAA 300 Comp-Release – Blue, Hannah Dunn, Trap Single –            Red, Jared Dunn, Trap Single – Blue, Khloe Hamlin, NFAA 300 Comp-Release – Red, Kylee Johnston, Skeet 100 – White, Skeet Doubles – White, Sporting Clays – Red, Trap Doubles – Blue, Trap Single –   Red, Eli Kigar, .22 Open – Blue, Hunting Skills – Blue, Kyle Mohr, Sporting Clays 100 – White, Trap Double                – Red, Trap Single – Blue, Connor Payne, .22 Open – Blue, Hunting Skills – Red, Skeet 100 – Red, Lane Pence, Skeet 100 – Red, Skeet Doubles – Red, Sporting Clays 100 – Red, Brenna Phillips, 3D Compound – White, Amer 600 Comp – White, Avery Shultz, Trap Single – Red, Gabe Shultz, Trap Single – Red, Luke Triplett, Hunting Skills               – Red, Skeet 50, Red, Trap Single – Red, Victoria Ward, Amer 600 Comp – White, NFAA 300 Comp-Release – White, Sporting Clays 100 – White, Eric Yarbrough, Amer 600 Comp – White, Eric Yarbrough, Hunting Skills –           White, NFAA 300 Comp-Release               – Red, Skeet 50 – White, Sporting Clays 50 – Red, Trap Single – Red, Erica Yarbrough, .22 Open – White.  Kendal Anderson, Hannah Dunn, Jerad Dunn, Khloe Hamlin, Jessica Huff, Brenna Phillips, Avery Shultz, Conner Wiggins, and Erica Yarbrough received first time participant patches for the state shooting sports contest.  Kendal Anderson, Jaycen Bair, Kenny Bair, Bobbi Darcy, Hannah Dunn, Jared Dunn, Khloe Hamlin, Jessica Huff, Kylee Johnston, Eli Kigar, Kyle Mohr, Connor Payne, Lane Pence, Brenna Phillips, Avery Shultz, Gabe Shultz, Luke Triplett, Victoria Ward, Conner Wiggins, Eric Yarbrough and Erica Yarbrough all received year bar patches from the  4-H State Shoot.  Eli Kigar earned second place in the Hunting Skills division and received a metal.

Awards are given to members who participate in Demonstrations, Extemporaneous Speaking, Prepared Speaking and Table Setting at Achievement Day.  Hand painted bells go to Clara Davis and Lauren Triplett.  Dr. Jeff Davis, 4-H Council Advisor, presented Demonstration Awards to Hugh Baker, Corbin Blessing, Ethan Blessing, Levi Briggs, Eli Kigar, Elsie Kigar, Beau Triplett, Lauren Triplett, Abby Blessing, Jenna Blessing, Morgan Blessing, Jake Briggs, Clara Davis, Sadie Davis, Anna Triplett and Luke Triplett. Vanessa Triplett, 4-H Council Advisor, presented Extemporaneous Speaking awards to Kendal Anderson, Penelope Cline, Sadie Davis, Eli Kigar, Elsie Kigar, Kyle Mohr, Connor Payne, Carlee Smith, Lauren Triplett, Luke Triplett, Owen Triplett, Parker Triplett, and Tori Ward.  Tasha Eggleston-Wood received an award for Prepared Speaking.

 The Missouri 4-H Center for Positive Youth Development sponsors seals for clubs’ secretary books.  The Azen Jolly Timers, Gorin Go-Getters and Jolly Jacks and Jills all received gold seals for their books.  The Center for Positive Youth Development also gives awards for the clubs participating in community service.  Karen Loyd-Minear presented silver certificates to all three clubs for community development.

 Each year an award is given to 4-H members ages 13 and under who have an outstanding report form.  Members can only receive this award once.  Sadie Davis present the awards to Abby Doster and Eli Kigar.  Elsie Kigar received a cook book from Scotland County Farm Bureau for her report form in foods.  FCS Financial gives an award to the Outstanding 4-H Member who turns in a report form.  Members can win this award only once.  Sadie Davis received the award for 2015.

The Scotland County 4-H Council gives Friend of 4-H awards to a business and a person each year.  The business that was presented with the award was Hillside Gun Shed.  Dawn Triplett presented the award for the assistance of the business with the 4-H Shooting Sports Group.  Baileigh Phillips presented the award for the individual sporting 4-H to her grandfather Steve Blessing for his help with the horse arena and the camper hook-ups at the fairgrounds.  Each year 4-H Clubs get points for participating in the 4-H Council, raising funds for premiums, community service and participating in various 4-H Events.  The 2015 winner was the Gorin Go-Getters.  4-H Recognition Event was followed by the 4-H Council meeting.

Submitted by Pat Wiggins, 4-H Youth Program Assistant