Chris and Amy Talbert were presented the Business Friend of 4-H award for their support of the local clubs during 2018.

The 2018 Scotland County 4-H Recognition Event was held on November 3, 2018 at the Scotland County Elementary gym. The Recognition Event is held to acknowledge achievements of those in 4-H from the 2017-2018 4-H year.

Clover Kids is a program for 5-7 year olds interested in joining 4-H. Unit One Clover Kids for the 2017-18 4-H year were: Aly Ambrose, Kanten Burnett, Emalyn Campbell, Addy Frederick, Christian Fuller, Rhet Ketchum, Quenton Long, Kierstyn Moore, Clayton Probst, Cooper Small, Carson Tague, Bryleigh Ward, Brody Wheeler, Emma Whitney, and Cutter Witherow.  Unit Two Clover Kids for the 2017-18 4-H year were: Cora Ketchum, Ava Stott, Mya Stott, Eli Mauck, Christopher Cowell, and Ally Arey.  Unit Three Clover Kids for the 2017-18 4-H year were:  Denny Black, Alyssa Kirchner, Lanie Mallett, MaKenna Musgrove, and Charlotte Tallman.

Tara Shultz received the Friend of 4-H award for 2018 presented by Alisa Kigar.

Members of the three 4-H clubs completing project records for the previous year were recognized with a member pin and certificate.  Members of Azen Jolly Timers were:  First year – Laney Doster; Second year – Megan Frederick, Jacob Stott, Zada Ketchum, Kendall Small, and Lilly Frederick; Third year – Kwayde Hamilton; Fourth year – Karli Hamilton, Kendal Anderson, Shelby Troutman, and Brenna Phillips; Fifth year – Abby Doster, Baileigh Phillips, and Katie Miller.  Members of Gorin Go-Getters were:  First year – Cason Talbert; Second year – Layla Baker; Third year – Dane Blessing and Isaac Exner; Fourth year – Beau Triplett and Carlee Smith; Fifth year – Ethan Blessing, Corbin Blessing, and Hugh Baker; Sixth year – Lauren Triplett; Seventh year – Clara Davis; Eighth year – Morgan Blessing and Anna Triplett; and Ninth year – Luke Triplett.  Members of Jolly Jacks and Jills were:  First year – Levi Tague, Lilly Wheeler, and Morgan Jackson; Second year – Hannah Whitney, Wesley McSparren, and Sadie Jackson; Third year – Mason Mallett and Kadence Burnett; Fifth year – Elsie Kigar; Sixth year – Eli Kigar; and Ninth year – Conner Wiggins.

Connor Wiggins received the Outstanding 4-H Member award for 2018.

Volunteer 4-H leaders were recognized with certificates of recognition.  Azen Jolly Timers first year leader was Christopher Kempke.  Gorin Go-Getters first year leaders are: Keri Hinds, Deidra Musgrove, and Missy Smith.  Jolly Jacks and Jills first year leaders were:  Shellie Jackson, Curtis Mallett, and Laci Wheeler. Jim Kigar and Ian Kirchner were recognized as fifth year leaders.  Leaders being recognized with ten years of volunteer service are:  Amanda Mohr, Waltedda Blessing, and Dawn Triplett.  Sarah McSparren was presented with her fifteen- year recognition pen.

Those 4-H members completing a recognition form, which is an accumulation of information about the 4-H members projects, were acknowledged at the event.  Those 4-H members are:  Katie Miller, Lilly Frederick, Wesley, McSparren, Hannah Whitney, Eli Kigar, Morgan Jackson, Conner Wiggins, Mason Mallett, Kendal Anderson, Abby Doster, Zada Ketchum, Laney Doster, Lauren Triplett, Sadie Jackson, Bryn Aylward, Elsie Kigar, Eli Kigar, Kendall Small, and Kenna Campbell.

Wesley McSparren received a 4-H Junior Achievement award at the 2018 recognition event.

The People’s Choice Table Setting Award was presented to Elsie Kigar. Kenna Campbell won a Farm Bureau cookbook for the Top Foods Recognition Report form for the 4-H year. 4-H Community Service Awards were presented to Azen Jolly Timers and Jolly Jacks and Jills 4-H Clubs.  Club Seals were presented to the three 4-H Clubs. Receiving gold seals were Azen Jolly Timers and Jolly Jacks and Jills, while Gorin Go-Getters received a silver seal.  The Junior Achievement awards were presented to Zada Ketchum and Wesley McSparren.  The overall Outstanding 4-H Member was Conner Wiggins.  The 2017-18 Friend of 4-H for the business division was TNT Foam & Roof Coatings and the Individual Friend of 4-H was Tara Shultz.

Zada Ketchum received a 4-H Junior Achievement award at the 2018 recognition event.

Shooting Sports Awards were presented at the Recognition Event.  Those 4-H members earning ribbons during the Missouri State 4-H shoot were: Isaac Exner, Lilly Frederick, Eli Kigar, Elsie Kigar, Wesley McSparren, Eric Mohr, and Brenna Phillips.

4-H Recognition Event was a well-attended event honoring the achievements and accomplishments of the 2017-18 4-H members.