The SCR-I Board of Education approved a $27,000 project for surveillance cameras and other campus security upgrades.

The SCR-I Board of Education approved a $27,000 project for surveillance cameras and other campus security upgrades.

The Scotland County R-I Board of Education unanimously approved a move for the 2016-17 to the Lewis & Clark Conference at the March 12th board meeting.

The board voted 7-0 to join the conference, which currently includes Salisbury, Westran, Paris, Fayette and Marceline. Harrisburg will be joining the league next year. Fellow Tri-Rivers Conference schools Knox County and Schuyler County will be joining SCR-I in the move a year from now.

The change came on the heels of an announcement earlier this year that TRC schools Milan and Putnam County would be leaving following next season to join the Grand Rivers Conference.

“The Scotland County R-I School District is extremely grateful for the opportunity to join such a prestigious conference and we look forward to the many relationships that will be formed in the years to come,” said Board President George Koontz in a letter to the Lewis and Clark member school boards.

Financial Update

Superintendent Ryan Bergeson reported the district  has received $1,782,916.36 in local tax which is just below the budgeted figure of $1,800,000. He added that the district is on target, year-to-date, with state revenues, have receiving 64% of the budgeted figure.

Total revenues, year-to-date, are $4,356,225.70 and current expenditures, year-to-date, are $3,566,324.01, creating a current surplus of $789,901.69 for the fiscal year.

“The current fiscal year surplus is mostly due to receiving all of our local tax payments in January and February,” explained Bergeson. “We operate at a current tax levy of $3.43.  We have some room in the tax levy to make up the decrease in state funding, but have chosen not to do so the past seven years.”

The superintendent noted that  insurance will also be increasing by approximately 5% next year, while the district will continue to pay the full PPO premium which accounts for approximately 14% of the overall budget.

“We will continue to monitor the legislation session and its effect on state funding,” stated Bergeson.

Early Childhood Facility

The board voted to table discussion on the Early Childhood Facility until April.  7-0.

Electronic Records

The board voted to approve the electronic records storage bid by IMS for $1,806.

The district’s records prior to 2006 are backed up on microfilm. Currently district records, including student files, transcripts and other important information, are only available in hard copy format. The service will transition files from 2007 to current date into digital data.

“With the new system, we will be able to do a computer search to find needed records, such as when a student requests a copy of their transcript,” said Bergeson. “This will be far more efficient for the staff and will require significantly less storage space.”

Locker Painting Bids

The board voted to approve the locker painting bid from Painters USA for $16,678.

“Our lockers are in pretty good shape for their ages, but they have not had any attention for quite some time,” said Bergeson. “By painting the lockers at both schools, it should prolong their usefulness and give the facility a facelift.”

Security Cameras and Safety Entrance Bids

The board voted to approve the bid from Midwest Digital for the elementary security cameras, bus barn camera system and access control system at the elementary at the cost of $27,971.

The process will install video surveillance cameras at the bus barn as well as in the elementary school.

A new key-card access system will also be installed at the elementary school.

“We will install new access protection at five of the six entrances to the elementary facility,” said Bergeson. “It will require a key card or the office to buzz in visitors to gain access to the building.”

Bergeson added that the new program would also allow limited after-hours access.

“We’ll be able to check out an access card to a coach for example, that will allow them to access the elementary school gym during scheduled practice hours only,” he said.

All three projects are expected to be completed by the start of the next school year.

Summer School

The board voted to approve the district summer school proposal.  Summer school will offer credit recovery and math and reading enrichment.  High School credit recovery will run for a total of 10 days and elementary summer school will run for a total of 15 days during the summer of 2015.

Summer school will tentatively begin Thursday, May 21 and end on Thursday, June 11.

Procedural Evaluations

The board voted to approve the School Facilities & Grounds procedural evaluation as presented by Mr. Pippert & Mr. Stott. 7-0.

The board voted to approve the District Safety Procedural Evaluation as presented by Mr. Pippert & Mr. Stott. 7-0.

The board voted to approve the Gifted Program Procedural Evaluation as presented by Ms. Blaine. 7-0.

The board voted to approve the District Technology Procedural Evaluation as presented by Mr. Bergeson. 7-0.

The board voted to approve the Media Centers/Libraries Procedural Evaluation as presented by Mrs. Wickert. 7-0.

Accept Resignation –

The board voted to accept letters of resignation by pre-kindergarten teacher Michelle Boyer; high school English teacher and A+ coordinator Tracey Meusec; high school PE teacher and football and baseball coach Daniel Burns; and 4th grade teacher Ed Koser.

Meeting Date

The April board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 9th at 6:30 p.m. in the Elementary Art Room.

Executive Session

In Executive session the board voted 7-0 to offer employment to the following non-tenured teachers:  Amy Shultz, Rachel Harvey, Ali Fromm, Shelby McAfee, Katie Stewart, Michael Moore, Quinn Sammons, Karen Shirk, Dana Frederick, Elizabeth Carper, Billie Lanham, Christina Olakowski, Terri Slaughter, Shaina Arnold, Waltedda Blessing, Cory Shultz, Trey Lehman, Kody McCluskey, Nathaniel Orr, and Jenna Ward.