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The Scotland County R-I Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, May 12, 2015, at 6:30 p.m.  President Sam Berkowitz called the meeting to order with seven members present.

The board approved a number of summer project bids for facility and infrastructure repairs and upgrades.

The board voted to accept the bid from Dial Construction for $26,521.00 for the repairs and upgrades of the west entrance at the high school. The local construction firm also was awarded the bid for repair the elementary school canopy for $21,200.

Patterson’s Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating was awarded the contract for parking lot repairs and sealing for a cost of $13,840.

The board voted to accept the proposal from Quality Network Solutions for server infrastructure ($7,420.00), software licenses ($334.53), computer equipment ($5,625.00), and Network Infrastructure ($8,015.20), totaling $21,394.73.

The board reviewed a preliminary proposal from the City of Memphis regarding a joint effort to possibly widen Lover’s Lane. Parking at the east softball field is limited and creates traffic congestion at the east end of the Lover’s Lane.

The two entities are discussing the potential of installing a drainage tube and widening the street, which would eliminate traffic congestion and improve storm water collection in the area.

The board took no action on the item due to the uncertainty of costs.

Bank Bids

The board voted to accept the depository agreement from Bank of Kirksville through June 2017.

School Van

The board voted to purchase a 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan from Lovegreen Ford for $20,228.00 and to approve payment upon pickup.

Gorin School

The board discussed the timeline for the Gorin School Closure.  Mr. Bergeson reported that Gorin students were able to visit the district on Thursday, May 7.  The Gorin School District will officially annex into the Scotland County R-I School District on Wednesday, July 1. No action was taken

Financial Update

With revenues coming in as expected, Superintendent Ryan Bergeson informed the board that year-to-date total for revenues was $5,181,392.42 compared to $4,953,077.92 last year at this time.

“This is an increase in revenue of $228,314.50,” he told the board. “Year to date expenditures are down by $68,251.33 compared to last year.”

The financial report revealed  total revenues are $590,795.41 above expenditures.

“This will continue to decrease as we near the end of the fiscal year,” he told the board. “We have received all of our local tax and will receive state and federal dollars in May and June.  Payroll for May, June, July, Summer School, and Career Ladder will level out our current surplus for the 14-15 fiscal year.”

Athletics Update

Athletic Director, Lance Campbell, gave an athletic update for the 2015-2016 school year.  Campbell voiced concern to the board regarding the future of the Scotland County Relays, the annual varsity home track meet.  He reported a lack of participation from area school districts, which have indicated the preference to run on all-weather track surfaces. The board discussed reviewing future grant options to improve the conditions of the track facility.  No action was taken.

Preliminary Budget

The board reviewed preliminary numbers for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

“Using best-guess estimates for local, state, and federal revenue sources, total revenues would be $5,998,550,” Bergeson noted.

Total expenses are projected at $6,206,330, amounting to a shortfall of $207,780.

“Our current balances began the year at 24%, which is above the targeted 17%,” he reported. ” We will continue to review the budget, as more information becomes available.”

June Meeting

The next regular board meeting will be held Monday, June 15th.

Executive Session

In closed session the following contracts were offered for employment:

Christina Olakowski – Jr/Sr High Counseling Position; Rachelle Haslag -Elementary Special Education Teacher; Tamera Walton – upper level English teacher at Jr/Sr. High School; Andrew Stewart – 9th/10th grade Math teaching position; Lauren Ewing – High School Academic Lab Facilitator; Jacob Hull and Kody Parkins positions as summer staff.

Coaching and extracurricular assignments were announced as follows: Chanel Daugherty, Elementary Music; Andrew Stewart, Varsity Baseball and Assistant Football; Ryan Anderson, Sophomore class sponsor; Carol McCabe, Junior Class sponsor; Michael Moore, Assistant Varsity Softball; Marc Colvin, Senior Class Sponsor; Kody McCluskey, Freshman Class Sponsor; Cory Shultz, Varsity Softball; Dana Frederick, Junior Class Sponsor; Mikel Gragg, JV Boys Baseball.

Employment was offered to the following non-certified staff for 2015-16:

Alan Adams, Bobbie Anderson, Pat Arnold, Mitchell Bales, Hannah Bishop, Kim Campbell, Troy Carper, Linda Clark, Schelle Cooley, Teresa Creek, Kathy Dickerson, Tom Fender, Elaine Forrester, Jane Gelbach, Mike Gundy, Linda Hervey, Ladica Hinds, Penny Holt, Michella Hull, Lisa Humes, Andrea Hunt, Shellie Jackson, Vickie Mauck, Faith Miller, Amanda Mohr, Jana Muntz, Danny Norton, Janie Parton, Don Ryland, Debbie Sears, Stephanie Shalley, Serena Stott, Amy Talbert, Terri Taylor, Judy Thomas, Jennifer Tinkle, Angie Ward, Denny Ward, Jon Wullbrandt.