I’m sitting here writing this article on my back deck, and enjoying the sounds of Goldfinches eating some of my dried flowers in my butterfly garden, and feeling the coolness of this crisp morning.  School bells are ringing throughout the area, with kiddos taking last minute trips with their parents, shopping trips for school supplies, or overnighters at grandparents.

Russ spent the night last night.  We had fun pool time, set the varmint trap, went on a Ranger ride through the trails talking of him bringing his four-wheeler here and riding the trails, set my new sparrow trap, read loads of books and enjoyed helping Grandpa move some cattle.  I wanted to make sure he had one last overnight stay alone so we could spend some quality one on one time.  That we did.  We put colorant in the lake and cleaner and remembered helping me last year, and even remembered where we put it in at.  What memories they have. 

Last week’s rain, 2.2 inches helped the lake.  It had been starting around the edges with the green slime as I call it.  The rain also helped the yards, some of the crops, pastures etc.  Desperately needed at this point.  Thankful we had that much.

The hummingbirds are busy this morning.  They have been sparse recently.  I don’t have an answer for that. I think the flowers blooming, maybe has something to do with it.

My wrens in the back yard have all hatched and flown, so no more scolding when Buster spends his time in the back landscaping.  Some wrens will take a chance at one more nest this year. I have one active Wren nest on the trails. Everything there is quiet. I had one late Bluebird nest, which had four beautiful eggs in it, and yes they are gone.  I think it was the ever popular Wren.  Yes they will do that.  Tear up a nest so they can have the box. Nice wrens, oh really. I only like them near my house, not on the trails. 

The temps the last two mornings of this week, have felt like fall is in the air.  August 11, we were in St. Louis and the weather was anything but like fall. The temps were in the upper 90’s and very humid.  However, after the rain, it has cooled a bit. Things were different during this summer season, so I would expect a different fall as well. I think maybe an earlier fall, and cooler temps. Let’s hope we have an enjoyable fall and lots of time to spend outside enjoying our fall flowers, hummingbirds and more. Until next time, good bird watching.