Dear Editor,

Every day I work with people across the lifespan who are trying to navigate the world of healthcare.  My daily job is made up of working with health insurance, doctors, nurses, therapists and social workers, and it still overwhelms me when it is my healthcare or that of someone I love.

Recently, I was working to give a family member the best rehabilitation solution possible after a medical procedure, and I want others to know about the “pot of gold” I feel that I found.

After orthopedic surgery in Columbia, MO, I was working hard to send my loved one to Rusk Rehabilitation Unit in Columbia.  Rusk, which we had used before, and is the well-known therapy king of central Missouri ended up not being an option for our insurance source. This left me calling and looking for other skilled and rehab options.

After calling Scotland County Hospital to inquire about their “swing-bed” option, I found that we could transfer there, and have our therapy along with skilled nursing care. Let me just say that I have never seen a transition be easier. The social worker from the hospital in Columbia called Memphis hospital at noon on Thursday and we were admitted to Scotland County Hospital by 530 p.m. that night.

I had never been in the hospital swing bed unit, and I can’t tell you how impressed I was.  Not only is it a modern facility, it was quiet, and it was well tended with nurses and aide staff.  We never missed a beat with required medications, and we resumed a full therapy schedule the next day.  Physical and occupational therapy were provided multiple times a day, in both the room as well as in their rehabilitation gym.   There was constant over site by a physician, and additional needs or wants were addressed quickly.  The social worker was always just a call away, and at each visit she was always one step ahead of our voiced need.  And finally, the CEO stopped by the patient room to assure all our needs were being met, and that we knew how thankful he was that we chose SCH.  Overall, the care was just fantastic for recovery and rehabilitation.

Within eight days we left Scotland County Hospital ready to resume our life at home and did it without one complaint.  How often does that happen? Not ONE complaint.

My family member is now participating in home health physical therapy through Knox County Health Department/Home Health Agency, and I have just as high hopes for that.  When we complete that round of therapy should further outpatient therapies be needed, I would certainly look to the services of the therapy team at Scotland County Hospital.

This brief interaction with SCH and their team in Memphis really reinforced for me how lucky we are to have this facility here in rural Missouri.  And I will certainly look to them in the future, should I or anyone in my family need services.

Thank you to all of you, and job well done!

Lori Moots-Clair

Edina, MO