Look at the hospital agenda for this Thursday, June 27, at 5:30. Item E. is: “approve Manager Agreement for CQRP Board.” What does that mean? What affect does that have on OUR hospital? The elected board and CEO should answer questions in an open public forum. It is not good judgment to have private meetings with individuals to discuss/answer questions involving OUR HOSPITAL. What do you, the public think?

The following are just some nuggets of info.

Explanation of benefits (EOB) shows you how much your bill is and how much the insurer paid. This is a true fact from my EOB. Prior to Blessing buying out a Clark County PRACTICE, HIS OFFICE CALL BILL WAS $90.00. AFTER Blessing bought his practice, his bill is $188.00. Medicare paid $52.56. Compare that to seeing a doctor at the Memphis Clinic. The bill, is $130.00 and Medicare approved $164.52. The reason is (to the best of my understanding) that SCMH is a rural access hospital.

Another issue is staff attrition. The high number of people fired or leaving the staff is a high percentage compared to even larger hospitals. What is the reason?

The hospital outsources jobs, Why?

The board appears to be reluctant to answer questions. Why?

A very complex issue is the hospital’s interaction with the USDA funding and grants. This aspect includes complying with rules and regs that pertain to the hospital as a Rural Access Hospital. Where is the hospital in compliance? What happens if another entity manages or leases us since we are a rural access hospital?

Is the CEO and Board failing to recognize additional cash flow that is available? Could it be a million a year?

Look at the city council meeting minutes. Easy to read and understandable. Compare that to the often rambling board minutes.

Oh, by the way, the Ambulance District has a new location.

These are overviews of what is happening at OUR HOSPITAL.

Lee Shultz, RN, BSN