The CEO announced on May 23, Crossrivers Quality Health Partners, has the 1st Right of Affiliation with Our hospital. The CEO will be meeting with Blessing in early June. The CEO also announced he is a board member of Crossrivers. (see Crossrivers web site to verify his status and S.C.M.H logo).

What a deal! No public meeting to ask questions about the nuts and bolts of this affiliation, how it affects our taxpayers. Meeting with a service organization is no substitute for a public town hall meeting.

The CEO and his minions must think the general public is incapable of understanding the profit and loss of revenues issues. Did the board and the CEO outsource a guaranteed source of revenue?

Just another little nugget of info, the CEO from S.C.M.H. testified on behalf of Blessing to prevent Quincy Medical Group from building a new surgery center at the old Bergeners building. QMG did get the green light to put in place a new center at the old Bergner’s building.

It is very frustrating to sit at these board meetings, not being able to ask questions that are pertinent to our health care needs. Do not be fooled by the glib language and attitude that often happens during some reports… but there was humor at the May 23rd meeting. The board and the CEO spent at least 15 minutes discussing who should cut down three trees at Memphis and Lancaster … That was a real visual! Did the board take action? No.

It is up to you, the taxpayer, to tell the board and CEO it is their fiduciary responsibility to answer questions about the affiliation in a public forum. Let’s see if the elected board has the intestinal fortitude to answer questions posed by the public.

Lee Shultz, RN, BSN