Penny Hustead and Nathan Herold of Palmyra had a cookout/carry-in at their house and also celebrated three birthdays; LaCrisha Wagy (Sept. 20), Martin Guinn (Oct. 11) and Teddy Ammons (Oct. 17).  Others attending were Rich Wagy Jr., LaKaylee, Ivy and Travis, Reva Hustead, Randy and Jenny Walker, Neta Phillips,  Will Hustead and Waid Kaylor.  Nathan’s family was also there.  Martin celebrated his 97th birthday.  Nathan and his family thought it amazing that Martin still works on a bulldozer at his age.  Martin’s present was a three feet tall old Halloween butler with a tray.  He has a bald head with a few white hairs around the skull.  You press on a button and his eyes flash and he has several different sayings.

Reva Hustead went to Kirksville.

Charlene Montgomery and Naomi Kidd-Schwandt went to Kirksville.

Charlene Montgomery and Neta Phillips went to Kirksville.

Reva and Nancy Jo Waack went to Kirksville.

Looks like Kirksville is a very popular place!

Neal Kirkpatrick’s sister, Nola Boyd from Chicago, came to stay the weekend with Neal and Dawn and attend Gorin’s Alumni on Saturday, Oct. 10th.

Lyle Vail from Illinois came and visited with Don Tague.

Some of those in this week were Tim Morris, Charlene Montgomery, Neta Phillips, Dale and Lisa Tague, Oren and Celina Erickson, Reva Hustead, Martin Guinn, Ronnie and Bonnie Young, Larry Ewing, Bob and Dorothy Hunolt, Neal and Don Kirkpatrick, Marjorie Peterson, Emmett and Maxine Phillips, Eldon Klocke, Doris Day and Ralph Von Holt.