Troy and Marissa Tague, Trevor and Travis from Carrolton, MO, came and visited his dad, Dale Tague and other family and friends.

Amber Tague, Jordynne Tague, daughter and granddaughter of Larry and Tamara Tague, are still here visiting family and friends. They all enjoyed breakfast at Zimmerman’s on Saturday.

Martin Guinn and Reva Hustead went to Kirksville. They also went to the Knox County 4-H Fair in Edina.

Neta Phillips went to Kirksville.

Victor Childers brought his grandson, Theadore Childers Arnold, to the family farm at Sandhill.

Luke and Lena Mae Horning went to Pennsylvania for a wedding.

Allyson Vericker, granddaughter of Larry and Deanne Hubbard, celebrated her 16th birthday at Zimmerman’s on Saturday, July 13th. Others attending were Alice Tiller and her husband, Neta Phillips, Shirley Ruth, Bonnie Ward, Larry and Tamara Tague, Amber Tague, Doris Day, Jordynne Tague, Oren and Celina Erickson, Martin Guinn, Reva Hustead, Ronnie and Bonnie Young, Joe Eddy Harvey, Mitch McClamroch, Victor Childers, Theadore Childers Arnold, Bob and Dorothy Hunolt, Thanks Marian for the delicious donuts.

Some others in this week were Rodney Motz, Tint Bolen, Otho and Dorva Harbur, Aubrey and Betty Glass, Don Tague, Mark Mazziotti, Javi Gil, Alline Anderson, Sonja Hoje of Keosauqua, Don Tague, Lyle Vail and Faye Walker.