Matin Guinn and Reva Hustead went to a carry-in picnic of the Historical Society at the Baring Country Club.

Martin and Reva went to Ivy Wagy’s baseball games at Ewing and later at Kahoka.

Victor Childers of brought his daughter Jean and her son Teddy Arnold, all of Indianapolis, to the family farm in Sandhill.

Kenneth and Arlene Nolt came from Pennsylvania to attend the wedding of their niece Kayla Musser. Hershey and Anna Martin came with them to visit family and friends, They came from June 18-23.

Luke and Lena Mae Horning’s grandson, Dale Martin, married Kayla Musser on Saturday, June 22nd.

William and Lauri Martin’s roof was taken off by the storm on Friday, June 21st.

Reva Hustead celebrated her birthday (June 19th) on Saturday, June 22nd. Those attending were Martin Guinn, Neta Phillips, Bob  and Dorothy Hunolt, Neal and Dawn Kirkpatrick, Ann and Leon Shaw, Larry Tague, Emmett and Maxine Phillips, and Ronnie and Bonnie Young.

Others in this weekend were Dale Tague, Victor Childers, Milt Clary, Don Tague, Thomas Kortkamp and Katherine Hanson.