The Martin-Zimmerman Reunion was held at the Rutledge Community Building on Sunday, June 2nd with approximately 400 people in attendance.

Martin Guinn and Reva Hustead went to Kahoka to Ivy Wagy’s ballgame.

Neta Phillips went to Quincy, IL.

The Ruby Red Hats of Rutledge will be going to Maxwell’s in Kirksville on Thursday, June 20th at 11 a.m. We will meet at Zimmerman’s at 9:30 a.m.

Allyson Vericker came to spend the summer with her grandparents, Larry & Deanna Hubbard. Allyson has her driver’s permit. Larry and Deanna now have a driver so they need to go places.

Some of those in this week were; Don Tague, Neta Phillips, Nancy Jo Waack, Martin Guinn, Reva Hustead, Celina Erickson, Dorothy Hunolt, John and Sue Guio, Jo Forrester, and Ann Robinson.

Dorothy Hunolt went to Herman, MO to meet her aunt Helen Lacy, Donna Lee Alexander, Verna Weilbrenner, Edna Gundy, Karen Muench and Lerea Bloomfield. They began by catching up on family news. Also Darrell Alexander and family met them to go to dinner. They had called in a reservation at a Mexican place, but when they arrived they were closing, due to high water. They all went to the stores and other places of interest and viewed the high waters.

Some of those in this week were: Ronnie and Bonnie Young, Keith and Marilyn Dunn, Larry and Deanna Hubbard, Allyson Vericker, Rodney Motz, Tiny Bolen, Paul Ogg, John Riddle and Paul Zimmerman.