Martin Guinn and Reva Hustead went to Quincy, IL.

Neta Phillips went to Quincy, IL  and a few days later went to Kirksville.

The Rutledge Fire Department held its annual Pizza Supper at the Rutledge Community Building. Rachel Hoover picked up Neta and delivered her home so she wouldn’t have to walk after dark. Thanks Rachel. Many were there for pizza, salad, and ice cream.

Deanna Hubbard celebrated her birthday at Zimmerman’s Cafe on Saturday, October 27th. Those attending were Larry Hubbard; Alice and Ted Tiller; Allyson Marie Vericker; Neta Phillips; Larry Tague; Wyatt, Zoey and Austin Durristein; Bob and Dorothy Hunolt; Oren and Celina Erickson; Ronnie and Bonnie Young; Martin Guinn; Reva Hustead; Don Tague and Chris Hunolt.

Saturday Eilene and Carol had lunch at Zimmermans with Wendy McBee, Cindy Robinson-Steen and Wanda Homer.  They also stopped at Carol’s to see the newly repainted inside.

Others in this week were Dale Tague; Mark Mazziotti; Sparky Crawford; Milt Clary; Paul Tague, Nancy Jo Waack and Paul Zimmerman.