Elaine Zimmerman and her Aunt Arlene Sauder ate breakfast at Zimmerman’s Food Court.

Neta Phillips went to Kirksville.

Martin Guinn and Reva Hustead went to Edina Corn Festival.

The Annual Grinding at Childers at Sandhill was held Saturday, September 8, 2018.  Victor Childers, (Polis, IN) was in charge of the grinding wheel while his son-in-law, Richard Arnold, ran the tractor.  Victor’s daughter, Katharine Martin, from Jacksonville, FL, came to help.  John and Sue Guio, DeKalb, IL; Joe Forrester, Columbia, MO; and Paul Slater, from Bridgeton, MO, were also there.

Ronnie and Bonnie Young came with John Cook in his “car”, a Harley-Davidson front and Chevy.

Larry Tague said he was here with Dennis Asbury and Joy Asbury from Center, MO.

Opossum in the Persimmon tree, Rabbit on the ground, Rabbit said to opossum, Throw some of those Persimmons down.

Victor brought some Persimmons in from his trees.

Some of those in this week were Dale Tague, Don Tague, Neta Phillips, Doris Day, Ralph Von Holt, Reva Hustead, Martin Guinn, Oren and Celina Erickson, Bob and Dorothy Hunolt, Neal and Dawn Kirkpatrick, and John Riddle.