Neta Phillips and Charlene Montgomery went to Quincy and Edina.

Jim and Nancy Jo Waack went to Cantril, Iowa.

Reminder: Ruby Red Hats of Rutledge will have their January 15, 2018 meeting at 11:00 a.m. at Zimmerman’s Food Court at Rutledge.  Hope to see everyone there.

Eilene McCabe spent Wed. thru Sat. at Cindy and Jack’s in Trenton.  Carol spent Wed. thru Sat. in Smithville with Nick, Kelli and Reid.  A party was held for Reid on Sat. for his second birthday, Jan. 4th.  Those there were Wendy, Carol and Eilene, Jack, Cindy, Jim, Cheryl, Lori and John, and Robert McBee.  Then the New Year’s Party moved to Gower with Cheryl and Jim.  Eilene and Carol returned home on Monday.

Tim Morris celebrated his birthday and Alaska’s statehood (January 3rd).  He treated us to coffee and donuts on Saturday, January 6th at Zimmerman’s Food Court.  Those attending were Neta Phillips, Dale Tague, Don Tague, Larry and Tamara Tague, Bob and Dorothy Hunolt, Charlene Montgomery, Ronnie and Bonnie Young, Penn Taylor, and Milt Clary. Lena Mae Horning made donuts.

Also in this week was Doris Day.