Our sympathy to family and friends of Gary Justice.

Luke and Lena Mae Horning went to Lebanon County, PA to a “gathering”.  They were gone for a week.  We all missed Lena Mae.  Welcome back!

Charlene Montgomery went to Kirksville several times.

Reva Hustead went to Kirksville.

Karl and Brenda DeMarce’s children are home for Easter vacation.  Cat, Renee, Will, and Susannah were in Zimmerman’s for donuts and drinks.

Some of those in this week were Tim Morris, Dale Tague, Neta Phillips, Charlene Montgomery, “Buck” Tague, Martin Guinn, Reva Hustead, Bob and Dorothy Hunolt, Marjorie Peterson, Ronnie and Bonnie Young, Ruth Ludwick, Marlene Henry, and Phyllis Boyle.