Ruth Ludwick and granddaughters, Niki Parrish and Laura Shaffer, and grandson Quinton Shaffer went to Farmington, IA. They went camping at River Valley and horseback riding at Shimick Forest.

Reva Hustead took granddaughter, LaCrisha Wagy and son Travis, to Kirksville. After she came home, Reva and Martin Guinn went to Kirksville.

John and Kathy McPherson from Burlington, IA came and visited her mother, Dorothy Clark.

Some of those in this week were: Bob Rouse, Tim Morris, Charlene Montgomery, Neta Phillips, Bette Wiley, Ronnie and Bonnie Young, Dale and Lisa Tague, Reva Hustead, Martin Guinn, Grant Johnston, Alyson Ewald, Mark Maiozzotti and Cole, Oren and Celina Erickson, Paul and Lola Slater, Darlene Baker Gunnell, John Riddle, Ralph Von Holt, and Frank from K.C.