Martin Guinn and Reva Hustead had the last family Christmas on Sunday, December 20, at Colony.  Others attending were Joe and Carol Murfin, Gloria Guinn, Michelle Bickhaus, Prudence and D’Aurolyn Bickhaus.

Reva Hustead, Dorothy Hunolt and Nancy Jo Waack went to Quincy shopping.  They shopped till they dropped!!  They then had to crawl to the vehicle to hopefully make it home!!!

Peggy McPherson, her daughter, Rachel Maurey, and her three children, Ella, Simon and Josie were at the store. They were having a great time at Zimmerman’s and wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Carol and Eilene spent Christmas at Cheryl and Jim Nowell’s in Gower.  Others there were Lori and John Casteel, Nick and Kelli Oldham, Jack and Cindy Guthrie, Jon, Amy, James and Nora Guthrie, Jeff and Sharon Bryant, Shellie Gentsch, Ava and Zoe.

Some of those in this week were Tim Morris, Charlene Montgomery, Neta Phillips, Dorothy and Bob Hunolt, Nancy Jo Waack, Reva Hustead, Martin Guinn, Marjorie Peterson, Oren and Celina Erickson, Dale and Lisa Tague and Don Tague.

We want to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year!