Dear Editor,

As we go in to 2017, a new administration, new Missouri elected officials, and the last terms for Craig Redmon, and Brian Munzlinger in their current offices, let us be reminded of some things that need attention here in rural Missouri.

First on my list is our rural roads.  Our blacktops or letter roads here in the Northeast quadrant take a hit from the larger trucks that farmers now almost all have, larger machinery, less patching material (I was told here in Scotland County, Missouri that our patching material was cut in half this past year). The use of our roads are not cut in half.

I also read a remark from our legislator that the funds for 2017 for our highways were going to be stagnant, meaning no more money up this way.  Our infrastructure is failing, people. We need money in the transportation fund to help our poor blacktops that are chipping away along the sides, making some of them dangerous, with no shoulder to begin with.

Every time I speak to my senator or representative, and that is quite often, the last words that I say to them, is rural roads. I know they get weary of my saying that.  Tough. Keep saying it. Write to them, email them, call them.  More importantly call MoDOT and give them your opinion. They have Facebook pages where you can message them, and they will get back to you. Try it.

I live on Route E in Scotland County, connecting Wyaconda, Missouri, with Route A in Scotland County, Missouri. I realize that it is not a major blacktop.  There are approximately 10 houses on that route, and many farms. Semis use this road to go from one farm to another. We have large hog operations near this road and it used by them frequently. Just because it is approximately eight miles long does not make it any less important.

I will keep fighting for our little Route E and all of our other rural roads in Northeast Missouri. You should do the same.


Sandra K. Ebeling