Usually it is perceived as negative when it is said that one is running on empty. The idea is that one has been depleted of strength or possibly of value. Yet, God reverses such thinking and we would do well to absorb it into our life approach.

Philippians 2 speaks strongly of Jesus “emptying” himself. He wasn’t the Emcee of life. Neither was he seeking notoriety nor fame. Jesus emptied himself that we could be filled with his Spirit. The Cross became the trading post.

Could it be that the world can’t find God because guys like me are full of ourselves? Possible; even probable. The solution is the shifting from the filling of self to the emptying of self.

Certainly, this is a most backward approach to progress.

Jesus surrendered… and lost. Uh… not exactly…he lost his life in order to regain it and in the process won us. The stage is set for our actual mimicking of Jesus.

We do not win by argument; nor by proving we are right. We win by losing so that others may win.

Only God would design such an ingenious approach. Only humility will allow believers to enter His method. Yet, we are to do exactly that; lose so that others can win.

Run. On. Empty.

Humility is the nature of Jesus.

You can’t explain how that works.

You can only believe… that it does!!