A crowd of thirteen Rutledge Ruby Red Hat personalities met at the Main Street Café in Memphis for lunch and a fun day, Monday, September 15, 2014.  The tables were tastefully adorned with lovely winking; blinking butterflies courtesy of the hostesses.  Each guest was invited to take one of the fiber optic creations home with them, with a precious miniature pseudo—silver Cinderella slipper complete with jeweled vamp.

Several comical experiences were read aloud after our individual lunch orders were taken.  We enjoyed lunch so much, and a social hour was enjoyed by all.  A new business had opened in Memphis and several went to check that out and other places of interest.  The finishing touch to our day was enjoying dessert at the soda fountain of the Scotland County Pharmacy.  A very enjoyable day was experienced with the weather being utterly beautiful, thankfully.

Those attending were Jewel See, Dorothy Hunolt, Virginia Hustead, Joan Rood, Neta Phillips, Charlene Montgomery, Reva Hustead, Ruth Ludwick, Nancy Jo Waack, Marjorie Delaney, Jewel Brown, and the hostesses for the day, Bette Wiley and Marjorie Peterson.

Submitted by Bette Wiley and Marjorie Peterson