Speed limits are posted across northeast Missouri, but posting the current speed being traveled by a motorist in big flashing lights as they pass a speed limit sign definitely can reinforce a need to slow down.

That is the idea behind a recent partnership between the Missouri Coalition of Roadway Safety’s northeast region and the NEMO Regional Planning Commission. The two groups joined forces to purchase a new speed trailer that is available to law enforcement and municipal and county governments in the RPC’s six county region.

RPC Executive Director Derek Weber stated the new traffic trailer has already been utilized on Highway 15 at the north edge of Memphis near the entrance to the Scotland County R-i School District. It also has been deployed in Greentop.

Weber said the device will be available to local law enforcement agencies wanting an extra hand in slowing down traffic. It can also be used by local governments to demonstrate safety concerns in areas where reduced speeds are required.

In addition to the safety aspect, the traffic trailers also contain data collection resources, which can provide traffic numbers, average speed, high and low speed numbers as well as totals on commercial (large-scale) and private vehicle traffic.

Weber said these numbers will be invaluable in pursuing funding options and future upgrades for the areas highways.

The data collection is as simple as setting up the machine’s internal hard drive and retrieving the files courtesy of a computer plug-in or a USB drive.

The traffic trailer currently is available upon request, based on availability. Weber noted that the RPC board will be working on guidelines to ensure it is disbursed equally to all member entities.

The device was purchased on a 50/50 cost share between the Roadway Coalition and the PRC.

“It is a pretty expensive piece of equipment, so it was a nice opportunity for us to be able to add this tool to our communities for just half the cost,” said Weber.