Fans of the Scotland County Fair Horse Show will have even more to enjoy this year as in addition to local presenters, Riders in the sky will be performing throughout the event on Monday evening, July 9th.

Local 4-H and FFA members will exhibit their horse as well as their horsemanship in 15 separate categories ranging from showmanship at halter and walk-trot to barrel racing and western horsemanship.

In between the events and throughout the evening, Riders in the Sky will be performing trick riding demonstrations to entertain the crowd. The group of six young ladies from Pollock, Missouri will do Roman riding as well as various other demonstrations from the saddle. they also will do trick roping and even crack a  bull whip or two, but definitely not at Moo the riding steer.

The 2018 horse show begins at 6 p.m.

Local exhibitors will open with a pony at halter class before the 13 and under exhibitors compete in showmanship at halter. After the senior class, first year members will compete in the walk-trot division. Second and third year members will compete in a walk trot competition as well followed by the western horsemanship and trail class competitions.

Exhibitors will be able to compete in barrel racing, as well as times pole and flag runs, competing in 13 and under and 14 and over divisions.