The Scotland County Area of Retired Teachers and Personnel met on April 11, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at Keith’s Café.

President Julie Clapp called the meeting to order. A blessing was offered by June Kice.

Rhonda McBee, vice-president, read the minutes from the January 10, 2019 meeting in the absence of the secretary. There were no corrections and stood approved. The Treasurer’s report was given by, treasurer, June Kice. A motion was made by Rhonda McBee to approve the report. A second was made by Lin Stephenson and motion carried.

A discussion was held concerning raising the yearly dues from $5 to $10. Teresa Cotton made a motion to raise the dues for the 2019-2020 year to $10 and change the by-laws to reflect this. Motion was seconded by Lin Stephenson and motion carried.

The group discussed members and methods of improving membership numbers in both MRTA and SCARTA. The possibility of sending letters to retirees from the area who are not currently members in either or both organizations was discussed. Members were encouraged to contact and/or invite other retirees to the next meeting in August.

Lin Stephenson from the nominating committee made a motion to retain the same officers until 2021 (elections are held on odd numbered years as determined by the by-laws). The motion was seconded by Gwendolyn Lohman and carried.

Teresa Cotton made a motion to take $110 from the treasury to add to the $90 donations to purchase a brick for the Tiger Plaza – SCOTLAND COUNTY RETIRED TEACHERS & PERSONNEL – 2019. Lin Stephenson seconded the motion and it carried.

President Julie Clapp reported on the MRTA president’s meeting that she attended in Jefferson City. She passed out information to each committee chair – Membership – June Kice, Community Service – Rhonda McBee, Retirement Education – Lori Fulk, Legislative – Sam Berkowitz. Discussion of presenting information on the Public School Retirement System to the faculty at SCR-I took place and it was determined that Rhonda McBee would contact the school and obtain a date to address the faculty. At this time, there is a push by some in the state to privatize the retirement system. It is the view of MRTA that this would be very damaging to the retirement system.

Julie Clapp also reported on a meeting held at the Brookfield Retired Teachers group with Missouri Senator Cindy O’Laughlin. Prior to meeting with the group, the Senator stated that she had favored Charter Schools, but was beginning to change her thinking.  She was not supporting bill 864 that would privatize the PSRS system. A brochure was given to members with letter writing information as well as contact information for politicians who represent our area. Paper, envelopes, and stamps were provided for members to write letters stating their views on upcoming votes on bills in the house and senate.

Our group discussed hosting a meeting for the faculty, staff, and public and have the Senator and Representative Sharpe address questions concerning upcoming bills. It was suggested that we have people submit questions prior to the presentation. This may be done on our next meeting date – August 8, 2019 with the date pending on availability of the Senator and Representative.

A motion was made by June Kice to adjourn and Teresa Cotton seconded it. Motion carried.