I am really excited to get back to work at our beautiful state capitol, and this session we want to focus on issues like conservative tax reform, protecting your second amendment rights, and protecting life, as well as many others.

If you would like to tell me what you think our state legislature should do, feel free to call my office at (573) 751—3644 or email my office at Craig.Redmon@house.mo.gov.

I know that by working closely with my fellow Legislators and with our Governor, we can make positive changes for our district and for the state of Missouri!


On our second week back, the Missouri House of Representatives hit the ground running by assigning many bills to committees for discussion, and we even began discussing a bill on the floor. This bill, HB 1246, relates to the horrible problem of human trafficking in Missouri, and it requires the Missouri Department of Transportation to create human trafficking hotline posters that will be posted in potential areas where human trafficking could occur.

In one of my committees, the committee on Budget, we have already began hearing bills, which relate to federal funding for Medicaid patients.


This week, we had a visit from our friends from the Northeast Missouri Development Partnership. Beginning many years ago, I began hosting this group for NEMO days to show off some of the awesome things that come out of our district. This year, they brought up meat sticks, pudding cups, and even fidget spinners, which are all made or assembled in our area! This group met with many elected officials and staff, including Lt. Governor Mike Parson and Speaker of the House Todd Richardson.

This group works to create a better business and living environment for the people of northeast Missouri by promoting rural broadband internet access, more funding for infrastructure, supporting rural hospitals, and much more.

This group is also attempting to “re-brand” how people see our area, and one project they have considered is branding northeast Missouri as “Upstate” Missouri.

This group is a fresh reminder of how proud I am to serve the wonderful people of my district, and I will always continue to support Upstate Missouri!

State Representative Craig Redmon

Missouri House of representatives District #4