Dear Editor,

One among us, quote; “The Fourth Commandment. One of the grandkids asked about it and then this is what he surmised after reading Chapter 20 of the Book of Exodus in our King James version of God’s Holy Bible, quote the grandson; “If God planned a special hour for the day after His last day of Creation for us to remember to be holy, and if we are supposed to be refraining from EVERYTHING we usually do on Sunday, then we are way out in left field, and lost!” Grandpa, quote; “I can tell you, the kid sure had me stumped for a while!” Grandma, quote; “So we explained to him that the crucifixion of Jesus set us free from much of the rules of the Old Testament, but not for the holy hour of communicating with The Holy Spirit of Jesus, lest we forget to take time to do just that.” Another, quote, “We can remember when everyone in business closed on Sunday regardless, until so many Mamas went to work in the war machine plant and them that could afford it ate out on Sunday in the early Forties, or bought ready-to-eat things at the grocery stores. They agreed to it first, then they voted that it was ok for all businesses to open, and we have been at war most of the time after that, and the Sabbath about got lost in the dust.”

Everyone was silent for a short time, then Grandpa spoke up and declared, quote; “Well, since we all decided to give up our denominational church influence while we are attempting to abide by our King James version, and most churches abide by some other version, the kid is right. We do need to set up a schedule to be prepared to keep the Lord’s final request as holy as is humanly possible.” Quote another; “We at our house believe that the songs in our hymnals written during the 1880’s must have really been moved by The Holy Spirit to write, based on what God has brought to our attention.” Another, quote; “You mean about us being HIS first computer?” “Yep, ” quote first guy; “After reading in Genesis about what a time they had creating all the other animals before they got to us. their best probably was none too good!”

“We best be thinking about our holy hour schedule before we get carried away again!” quote another through his laughter.

Our inspiring thought; quote one among us; “We best concentrate soon on The birth of The Christ Child and His Gifts of His Holy Spirit which God bequethed to all who follow THE TEACHINGS OF HIS HOLY SPIRIT!” Another, quote; “True! Absolutes to be saved for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth are – to confess Jesus as our one and only Saviour; be baptized before God and mankind just as was Jesus; be still and KNOW that I AM GOD IN YOU so HE will confess you before His Heavenly Father on YOUR Judgment Day!” Quote another; “AMEN.”

Love and Blessings from ALL THE OLD TIMERS, with Bette