Believing in God and His glorious scheme is the utmost target. We will want to be assertive in doing what we can both to abide within and to promote outwardly. However, there seems a catch has developed…and we almost unawaredly pay the price.

We must be careful. Not only has a group developed in believing that we are the only ones right. A group within said “only ones right” group has arisen to believe that we are the only ones right among those who believe that we are the only ones right.

Tiers of Pharisaic habitualism shine.

Within this scenario we have the smug and the ultra-smug. We must be aware of such a stench this creates for society can smell us coming a mile away. Arrogance is religion gone afoul. Or, religion gone asmell.

Yet the hope… the exciting hope… is that we/I awaken to what’s happened to us. We didn’t start out this way; but some convinced us that other believers were inferior causing us to be so happy that we are not them. But…when we see ourselves as superior, we are less than them.

Jesus fought his fiercest battle in this very court. “They were right and he was ridiculous” was the cry of the religious leaders. They knew ways and styles and traits and meeting times. But… they didn’t know the Son of God when he sat in their midst…or even one day when he hung in their midst.

Believing they knew it all…they didn’t know Him…which meant they actually knew nothing.

How do we inventory where we are in this horrible threat? Do you see yourself in the front of the line of faith or the back of it? Do you regard others as worthy to be heard? Or do you believe yours is the tone that should be set?

Society needs a voice; the one of Jesus. His words are ones of strength…and surest hope. Let us do what we can to correct our inner secretive belief that we are better than another… for we are not… ever.

Don’t go afoul nor asmell.