This week my legislation made a lot of progress. My survivor benefits bill (HB 2360) was perfected in the House. This means that representatives got the chance to offer amendments, and one amendment was offered and accepted. This amendment would make the pay for air ambulance pilots comparable to other EMT jobs. Now that it has been perfected, it will now be voted on for final approval by the House, and then it will move on to the Senate.

I also made some progress on HB 2449, a bill that affects eminent domain. This bill would give more authority to county commissioners, meaning that before companies can use eminent domain, they would have to receive permission from the county commissioners.

The Senate also finished work on the budget this week, meaning that the budget has

its time in the Senate. They made a lot of changes, and so the budget will now be going to the budget conference committee where five Representatives and five Senators will sit down together to make the final changes to the budget. Once they have come to an agreement on the budget, it will be voted on by both bodies for final approval, and then it will be sent to the Governor.

The House also passed a significant tax reform bill. This bill is revenue neutral tax reform that will lower income and corporate taxes, which means families would get more money in their paychecks and businesses would be more incentivized to come to Missouri. Then, this bill would generate revenue by updating the states vehicle license and registration fees, joining the Streamlined Sales Tax agreement so MO can collect sales tax for online purchases, eliminating deductions and closing loopholes, and eliminating government waste.


This week we had a lot of great visitors come by the office and we had a lot of groups stop by as well.

They Schuyler County Rotary Club came to the capitol, and they got to tour the Governor’s mansion, the Governor’s office, and the whispering gallery. This was a great group to talk with and it was a pleasure having them visit us at the Capitol.

We also had a group from the Holy Family Catholic Church from Hannibal come visit, and we were very happy to show them around! This group also got to tour the Governor’s mansion, his office, and parts of the Capitol building.

We also had members of  the Judevine Center for Autism and from the Show Me Ethanol group. These individuals came to advocate for their issues at the capitol and I was very happy to speak with them.

An association of County Collectors came down to the capitol this week too, and hosted a great dinner with a lot of the legislators to discuss issues that are important to them. It was great to visit with them and see some home town county officials.

We also had a large group from Mizzou come down to encourage support for their school. They especially highlighted the satellite schools that they have all around the state.

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out! You can call my office at (573) 751-3644 or email us at
Craig.Redmon@house.mo.gov. If you are in the capitol building, feel free to come visit us! I am in office 317 B and the door is always open!