Hello Everybody,

It has been another busy week at the Capitol. On Monday my “Move Over Bill” was heard for the first time in committee. This bill will require traffic to move a lane over from maintenance workers as a safety precaution to protect both drivers and workers. On Tuesday afternoon my “Show Me Rural Jobs Act” was heard in committee as well. With the passage of this act we can build a stronger economy in rural Missouri and job growth via greater capital investments in startups and small Missouri companies.  Much of my time this week was spent in the Select Budget Committee as we began reviewing the Governor’s proposed budget.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet with the Superintendents of New Bloomfield (David Tramel), Knox (Andy Turgeon), and Lewis County (John French) school districts. We spoke about current issues in education in our state and which is the best way forward to provide quality education services in our district.

Below are bills that have been passed on the House floor and have been sent to the Senate for consideration.

HB 2166- This bill undercuts the influence of lobbyists in Jefferson City by banning gifts and meals provided by registered lobbyists to elected officials.

HB 2203- limits how long campaign funds can be invested and what they can be spent on

HB 2226- This bill acts as a bulwark to the self-interest of task force and commission appointees from dictating recommendations motivated by self-gain

HB 1452- This bill increases the required number of elected officials’ personal financial disclosures from one to two each year.  

HB 1575- This bill requires reports of the lodging and travel expenses of elected officials to be made within 30 days of the event.

HB 1979- Under this bill elected officials must wait for a one-year “cooling off” period before becoming a professional lobbyist.

HB 1983- This bill makes it law that, while a public servant in state government, no statewide official or member of the General Assembly may act as a paid political consultant.

HB 1870- This bill will extend the life of the “Big Government Get Off My Back Act” for tax years 2016-2021. It offers tax breaks to small businesses with the intention of incentivizing job growth.

Feel free to contact me with questions or comments by email at Craig.Redmon@house.mo.gov or telephone at 573-751-3644.