In the April 4th, 2019 publication of the Memphis Democrat a Legal Notice was made public. It was a notice from Wireless Investment Partnership that they were processing a new application with the FCC to install a 303’ AMSL Lattice Tower to be located at 40°27’58.72” N, 92°10’55.89” L. The physical location of the proposed structure is 619 Lindell Blvd, Memphis, MO. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that address it is approximately 1/8 mile north of Missouri Avenue on the west side of Lindell Blvd. The proposed site is 853’ directly west of Lindell Blvd. There are 12 residences within 300 meters or 984’ of this site. There are many residences just beyond that distance within the city limits of Memphis. The school is 2,263’ or less than ½ mile from this proposed tower.

The tower company decided to move in equipment and materials while the application was still pending. There is some steel and a forklift at the entrance now. The National Notice date was set at April 13th. There is a 30-day window for interested parties to file a “Request for Environmental Review” that ends on May 12th followed by a 10-day reply period and another 5-day response from the requester time frame. At that point the FCC will make a determination as to whether the applicant will need to make an official environmental assessment. How long the FCC takes to make this determination is unknown at this time. If an official environmental review is determined, then the applicant will need to do this at their own time and expense. The FCC says they review these situations on a case by case basis, and an environmental review is not necessarily determined if requests are submitted. I believe at this time there have been 4 requests for an environmental review filed with the FCC. I also believe there are more requests in process that will be filed. If you are interested in filing a Request for an Environmental Review with the FCC concerning this tower the directions are on the legal notice that was published in the April 4th edition of the Memphis Democrat. Requests can be mailed in or completed online.

I visited the offices of Wireless Investment Partnership in St. Charles. It is truly just an office. They contract someone else to erect the towers. They have two tower applications in to the FCC. One of those is in Kansas while the other one is here in Memphis.

Wireless Investment Partnership has filed a NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) review with the FCC.  Their statement to the FCC is as follows, “no significant effects upon the quality of the human environment resulting from the proposed project are identified”. I find this to be quite presumptuous since the close neighbors will have blinking red lights right outside their windows. Also, they will have radio frequency radiation on them 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

There have been several studies done in Europe and Asia on electromagnetic fields and cellular phone radiation resulting from antenna sites and towers. In one study done in Germany a total of 25% of power densities exceeds the 1,000 uW/m² which has been suggested to be the average threshold value for non-thermal biological effects. The two most important factors are distance and line of site to the antenna. Most of the houses along the south half of Lindell will be in line of sight of the antennas. Many homes within the city limits will be in line of sight also. The tower is 300’ tall so the antennas have a good angle to direct radio frequency rays toward our homes. The chart provided showed many densities above 1,000 uW/m² within 300 meters or 984’ of the antennas.

The following is an excerpt from the report, “In this review study, a threshold of 1,000 uW/m² was pointed out for non-thermal biological effects. For locations with long-term exposure, a further safety factor of 10 was recommended for pulsed cellular phone radiation sources such as cellular phone base stations (cell towers). In this case, power densities should not exceed 100 uW/m². In the graph this amount could be found out as far away as 700 meters or 2,296’.” Most of us have Wifi in our homes and cell phones in our possession 24/7 already. Wifi is a continuous form of radio frequency while cell phones radiation is intermittent. When is all this too much for the human body to resist? Is all the cancer we have now in society a possible result from all our radio frequency absorption? Are there any of us that don’t know someone who has A-fib or irregular heartbeat? The heart beats from electrical impulses that spread throughout the heart to trigger specialized cells to contract. Do electromagnetic fields throughout our environment affect these cells? The answer is no one knows for sure, but do we need to expose ourselves to more.

Few studies are done in the USA. The cell phone industry has powerful lobbies in this country. The FCC guidelines used as criterion for safety from radio frequency radiation applies only to near proximity to the antennas themselves. It describes a skin heating thermal effect such as one would get from a microwave oven. This was created to protect the installer/workers and not for long term exposure to humans and animals in near proximity to the towers. I believe that this is the wrong location for this tower. There are numerous hills, meadows and/or corn fields surrounding Memphis that would make a much more appropriate location than the one proposed.

The FCC website lists another tower application for 40-28-21.6 N 092-11-09.4 W. Google Earth says that is 590 meters or 1,935’ nearly directly west of the school. This is also a lattice tower that is 300’ tall. This location is not quite as residential as the discussed tower above but does have some residents nearby. I have not seen a Legal Notice in the paper regarding this tower. These 2 towers, if both erected, would be just 2,557’ apart or about one-half mile. I know that US Cellular and Verizon have great reception in this area. T-Mobile is pretty good, but AT&T is a bit sketchy. We have the original tower on the southeast corner of town and the tower which is north of AA east of Memphis. Do we really need 2 more 300’ towers this close to the City of Memphis?

Danny Emel