The Price Reunion was held on June 9, 2019 at the Rutledge Community Building with the following people present: Samuel Peterson; Dorothy Boyd; Debbie Briggs; Jeff Givens; Brad, Tessa, Mathias & Max Thomas; James Huling; Kenny and Julie Huling; Ronnie Comley; Ryan Comley; Megan Barry; Jaxon Barry; Dan and Joyce Peterson; Kelly, Kris and Branden Peterson; Austin, Jessie, Zayden and Khyzer Garrett; Jennifer Johnston and Eric; Sandra, Makyla and Maezy Swearingen; Margaret Lingenfelter; Donna Johns; J. B. and Mary D. Peterson; Brandon Holman; Frances Holman; Jerry Holman; Milton and Pat Clary; Judy Musgrove; Jillian Crane; MaKenna Musgrove; Stephanie Shuman; Dorothy Clark; Kathie McPherson; Chad Peterson and Tori; Ken and Sharon Peterson; Lester Clark; Albert and Sandy Peterson; Charles “Arlie” Peterson; Allen, Melody and Benjamin Peterson; Mike, Linda and Sara Wilson; Helen Bissell; Beverly Givens; Barbara Chance; Artie Peterson; Al and Sandi Peterson.  

The Price Reunion is held on the second Sunday of June every year and will be at the same location in 2020.