The annual meeting of the Prairie View Cemetery Board was called to order on May 18, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. by President Stan Kerr. Board members present were Stan Kerr, Jerry Drummond, June Helsel, Shirley Kerr, and Leon Kerr. Absent was Bud Drummond.

Secretary June Helsel  gave a financial report and information on the SBM Certificate. Bids were opened for mowing of the cemetery. Jashua Robinson and his brother submitted the lowest bid of $150 and were hired for the coming year.

Leon Kerr made a motion to keep all board members and officers as they are. Jerry Drummond seconded the motion and the motion carried. Jerry Drummond made a motion to send Becky Norton a thank-you for her past services, which was seconded by Stan Kerr and the motion carried. June Helsel made a motion to discontinue the Christmas bonus to the person doing the mowing due to shortage of funds. This was seconded by Leon Kerr and the motion carried.

A motion was made by Shirley Kerr to put a donation notice in the paper along with minutes of the meeting. This was seconded by June Helsel and the motion carried.

Board members donated $150 each in order to keep the cemetery fund active. Leon Kerr motioned to adjourn and was seconded by Jerry Drummond to which the motion carried.

The Prairie View Cemetery Board is accepting donations to keep the cemetery maintained. We need $3,000 per year to maintain the cemetery. You can send your donations to: Prairie View Cemetery Assn., C/O June Helsel, Secretary and Treasurer, P.O. Box 146, Cantril, IA 52542-0146