Construction workers doing renovations at the Gerth & Baskett Furniture Store on the west side of the Memphis square found something else that will need fixed when they arrived at the worksite Thursday morning and discovered a window in one of the store’s rear doors had been broken out.

The Memphis Police Department was summoned to the scene when it became apparent that access to the store had been gained through the damaged door.

It was determined that overnight someone had used a brick or cinder block to break out the door glass and reach in and open the lock to gain access to the store.

Investigators indicated that the suspect(s) entered through the south rear door into the furniture store near the mattress section. They then made their way to the store’s office area in the central section of the facility where the suspect(s) searched through various drawers and cabinets before apparently exiting via the same route.

Jeff Behrens of Gerth & Baskett stated that none of the stores records or files were damaged during the attempted burglary. He indicated a majority of the store’s records, as well as the limited amount of cash in the store were locked away in the safe.

Earlier in the week, a neighboring business had reported some vandalism at the front of their storefront on the west side of the square.

The Memphis Police Department is asking anyone who may have witnessed any suspicious activity in the area last week to contact the office at 660-465-2612.

UPDATE – The Memphis Police Department reported on Monday that the crime had been solved and a small group of juveniles had confessed to the crime and had agreed to make restitution for the property damage.