Thoughts this week are of our different pets we have had through years. This particular memory is cat memories.  Many years ago as a child, we always had kitties – not indoor cats, but cats. In later years, my Mom had two or three cats inside for the most part and loved those cats. I had an indoor cat when Duane and I got married.  He did not care for cats, so this cat went to live in Antioch with my Mom.  It was a beautiful long haired, white cat named Sebastian.  He somehow did not last long in the country and being outside.

It wasn’t long before we started getting cats on the farm.  One year I got black kitty from someone and she raised 14 kittens in one summer, so you know we had a lot of kittens.  I was fortunate to give them all away. I had a gray cat as well, they were Smoky and Bandit. Years go by, we had several, that came and went.

After we moved to the family farm, and had the opportunity, we had several more pets.  One year, Kayla had a yellow kitten named Boots. She was precious. We even got a couple of kittens from Chet and Martha Ewart.  They were beautiful long haired gray kittens. The momma had kittens, she became sick and passed, so I raised the kittens on the bottle.  We found all of them new homes. One in particular, we gave to Rodney Smith, for his farm store. That Tom cat, lived to be very old, and was very loved by the Smith family. His name was Spunky.  Kayla kept another one of the bottle raised kittens. He was the cutest ever, and his name was Patches.  He grew to be the biggest, prettiest dark tiger kitty, and lived in our home for 14 years.  He died in March just before the house burned.  When Kayla was in high school, she found a bunch of kittens in the middle of the road during a rainstorm and brought them home, thus we had more cats.  The particular one she kept was named Libby and she was a black and white tiger cat.  Smartest thing too.  She was a loving, personable kitty and loved me.  She had terrible anxiety when we would leave her to go to Arizona or Texas. I had to train her to become an outside kitty due to her severe shedding when we would leave her.  Kayla was married and living near Arbela, she had been here to help me with some things, and Libby somehow rode home under her car.  We never saw Libby again.   My new rule was no more cats ever.

This past fall, as many of you know, a gorgeous, loving Tom cat was dropped off here. So sweet…. you guessed it. We now have another cat.  I took him to the vet, shots and neutered.  The kids named him Buster.  He’s a keeper. Manages to sneak in the house or garage on occasion. Through the years, there have been many cats, and batches of kittens, more than I can write about.  Of course, a dog or two also.  I had many cats when I was growing up also.

I promise to get back to birds, I just like to throw in something to keep it interesting.  Until next time, good bird watching.