A few tips to keep the deer and other varmints away from your feeders.  I was surprised to read that moistened dry dog food in a flat serving tray will entice blackbirds, crows, jays, starlings, and other pesky feeder birds away from the feeder friends.  Possums and raccoons also love the food, and will keep these nighttime visitors away from your feeders.

If deer are occasional visitors around your yard, you may want to set up a feeding station just for them.  In order to keep them away from your bird feeders, you could arrange to have one just for them.  Put the food directly on the ground or in a trough like feeder; also salt blocks, acorns, cereal, corn, crackers, apples, beech nuts, bread and other stale baked goods.  Hot Pepper powder on the bird feed will also keep them away, but the birds will go ahead and eat it, as it does not bother them.

I am sure missing my hummingbirds, but they shall return next May. How time quickly will fly. It will be here before you know it.

As I am winding down my reports on Miss Ella, this week she has accepted the offer from Mr. Epstein and will go on exhibit in Chicago.  The first full day of exhibition really exhausted her.  She felt weak and faint a couple of times during the day.  She felt much more comfortable standing upright when viewers were present, resting somewhat when persisted and remained longer than normal.  The first week of 7-9 hour days left her exhausted both mentally and physically.

The second week was a little easier. When she stayed at the hotel she slept across two beds and her parents stayed in an adjoining room.  The first exhibit was twenty-seven days long, so they went back home to Gorin exhausted.

The whole experience had been a tremendous success.  Mr. Epstein invited them back as soon as the schedule could be worked out.  Miss Ella had grown two more inches while on exhibit in Chicago.  The Ewings were elated to find a large crowd waiting on their return to the little Midwest community.  They were also welcomed home to an early supper and a beautiful birthday cake for Miss Ella.  So much more in store for Miss Ella Kate Ewing in the coming years. More to come later.

Enjoy this fall season and try to start feeder feeding the birds that are still in the area.  I’m still working on getting rid of these house sparrows.  Until next time, good bird watching.