The Pentecostal Church of Memphis, located at 106 South Adams Street, will be hosting The Reckless Saints of Nowhere, Inc. on Saturday, July 21st at 6:00 p.m.  The Reckless Saints of Nowhere, Inc. is a nonprofit organization who travels the country to help addicts get into treatment and hear the Gospel of Jesus.

An addict himself for over sixteen years, Jordan Parker, founder and CEO, along with his wife, Vanessa, realized the opioid epidemic in America after Jordan completed rehab at a long-term treatment facility.  Jordan admits once he returned home, nothing looked the same.  “All I could see was a community in pain,” sated Jordan.

Unfortunately, formal rehabilitation and treatment programs are costly and don’t have a high success rate.  Jordan and Vanessa started researching and reaching out to more inexpensive and affordable treatment programs to build relationships.  From there, Reckless went all in and started paying entry fees out of their own pockets to help addicts.  When they couldn’t afford entry fees anymore, they started working out payment plans with Treatment Programs.  When funds started running out, Jordan’s mom and dad came on board and with their donations, they were able to help more people find recovery.

In an effort to being in more money for Reckless, the couple started Reckless Apparel, a clothing company founded after they were able to receive non-profit status.

The sole mission of Reckless is to ensure that no addict who wants help for their addiction is ever turned away simply because they can’t pay for treatment.  Jordan admits, “We have come a long way but our work is not done.  We are still in the middle of an epidemic.  Our world is bleeding to death.  It is our job to hold our palms against the wounds.  It’s been said that if you are a shoemaker and you want to glorify God in your work…Don’t put a cross on every shoe you make; just make a good pair of shoes.”

For more information about the upcoming event at Pentecostal Church, please call Pastor Leon Buford at 660-341-3521.  For more information about The Reckless Saints of Nowhere, Inc., visit their website at