Tommy and John Thomas Oaks will be in Memphis September 22-23, 2018, to perform a musical, “The Legend of Wiley Jake” and speak at the First Christian Church.

Tommy has the distinction to be the first person to graduate from East Tennessee State University with a Master’s degree in Storytelling! He also graduated from Johnson Bible College (BA), Emmanuel School of Religion (MA), and University of Tennessee (PhD). He has been preaching over 40 years.  As a storyteller, he has been involved with civic groups, storytelling festivals, school systems (for teachers and students), and at bed and breakfast inns.  His favorite audience has been his own children.

John Thomas, one of his sons, is pursuing a career as a musical theatre composer and lyricist.  He has over 17 musicals for which he wrote the music and/or lyrics.  They performed the “Star Queen” musical in Memphis in 2006 and 2015, and “Wiley Jake” in 2012.   (For more information go to  and )

On Saturday, September 22, there will be a presentation of “The Legend of Wiley Jake” at the First Christian Church, with a “pre-show” music warm-up starting at 6:00 p.m., and the musical starting at 6:30 p.m.  It is requested that the audience dress in ‘cowboy western’ attire to get in the mood.  This production is based on the Biblical story of Jacob and Esau, which has been adapted to a ‘western culture’ theme.  Both family members wrote the script, with the music written by John Thomas.  There is no admission charge, only a free will offering.

Tommy Oaks will also be speaking at the First Christian Church on Sunday, September 23, during the Sunday school hour at 9:20 a.m.,  at 10:20 church service, and again at 1:00 p.m. on “Sharing Your Faith.”

There will be a carry-in lunch with the last session.  All events are open to the public and the Memphis community is invited to attend.