Well, here’s hoping you enjoyed the Downing House Lawn Party Saturday, August 24, during the 2019 Scotland County Antique Fair where folks were sitting around “talking about the old ways” of yesteryear and partaking of the delicious meal served by the Rutledge School  Restoration Society.  The sun was shining, the air was cool, and the soothing music of years remembered (provided by Donna McDaniel and Company)  allowed for the perfect day to be shared with family and friends near the beautifully maintained  rose garden of the Scotland County Historical Society, right here in Memphis MO.

Scotland County offers many sites of history.  If you didn’t get to visit the many displays in and near town during the Antique Fair, set aside some time yet this fall to spend a day enjoying history in our own back yard – there are the Wiggins’ Museums, our original courthouse (from Sand Hill, our first county seat),  the displayed Gorin High School bell, the Depot, the Barnette Statue, the grounds where the birthplace of giantess Ella Ewing stood (near Gorin), the Bible Grove School, the Rutledge School, Boyer House, Downing House Museum, the Pheasant Airplane, and the newly refurbished gas station there on Memphis Main Street.

And, oh, yes, there is the Sand Hill settlement. Speaking of which, those folks will celebrate the fall harvest with the annual grist mill grinding on Saturday, September 14, 2019,  beginning at 9:00 a.m., set up on the Squire Childers family farm right in the heart of Sand Hill (Sandhill) MO.

The legacy goes on,  as corn will take the form of cornmeal,  while wheat will become graham flour.  Victor Childers and Paul Slater (and many other family members) will be there to share informative stories about this historical location.   Be there early to check out the attractions at the farm and get your name in the lunch count, which will be served at noon by the Rutledge School Restoration Society. If you have never attended this event;  or, for that matter,  never traveled to Sandhill, you will be glad you took a fall drive down there to share with the many others who will be there to celebrate the harvest!