The 66th annual reunion for the Norton/Corwin families was held on the 16th day of September, 2018, at the traditional gathering place – Nutrition Site, 301 West Monroe, Memphis, Missouri.  Attendance was up from last year with 35 family members present!

As always, we enjoyed delicious food.  This year the prayer was given by the “oldest Norton Male” as he called himself – none other than “Bobby” Norton a/k/a Carl Robert Norton from Monett, Missouri.

Attending this gathering (per the sign-in sheets and in no certain order) were:  Heather and Scott Stoneburner, Carl and Lynda Norton, Sara and Royce Jeffries, Lucille Campbell, Lois Smith, Rick & Betty Vierling, Brandi Quintos, Bev Rhoads, Jewell Brown, Randy and Thelma Norton, Hannah and Emma Whitney, Emmett and Maxine Phillips, Gayla and Drew Tabor, Rosie Woods, Michael and Rebecca Maschmeier, Wayne and Terri Bulen, Kara Bulen, Christina Cicero, Larry Brown, Judy Norton, Danny and Becky Norton, Cindy Robinson-Steen, Wendy McBee, and Wanda Homer.

Door Prizes were given to all, but especially to the following persons:

Oldest person attending: Jewell Brown (91)

Youngest person attending: Christina Cicero (4 months)

Person traveling the farthest:   Beverly Rhoades (1,800 miles from        Moscow, Idaho)

Persons traveling the shortest: Lois Smith (4 blocks)

Couple married the longest: Emmett and Maxine Phillips (57 years as of April 1961) and Sara and Royce Jeffries (57 years as of September 1961)

Couple married the shortest: Gerald and Cindy Robinson-Steen (9 months as of 12/31/2017)

Family with most members present: Wayne and Terri Bulen, Kara Bulen and Christina Ciero (4); Jewell Brown, Larry Brown, Bev Rhoads, and Brandi Quintos (4); Danny Norton, Cindy Robinson-Steen, Wendy McBee, Wanda Homer, Randy Norton (5)

Family with most grandkids: Rosie Woods (14) plus (5) great-grandkids

Events occurring since the previous year’s reunion:

Births in the family: Christina Cicero (Terri Kittle Bulen’s granddaughter)

Marriages in the family: Cindy Robinson and Gerald Steen

Deaths in the family: Morris A. (Mike) Walker, Jr. (04/03/2018); Robert A. Norton, Jr.  (06/23/2018)

Adoptions in the family: Caleb Jones (son of Heather Stoneburner) was adopted by Scott Stoneburner

It was determined that we had not seen Gayla Phillips Tabor from Jefferson City, Missouri for a long time, and not sure that we had ever met her son, Drew!   Also, Rebecca Woods Maschmeier said she had not been in Memphis for over 21 years!  It was good to see her and her husband, Michael too.  They drove from Belleville, Illinois.

After eating and visiting, we “coerced” a teacher in the crowd to lead us in the Family Feud game again this year.   (We missed you Stephanie Campbell!!)   One of the questions was…. “Tell me something Old MacDonald had on his farm”.   (Top four answers were Pig, Cow, Chick, and Duck)  What happened to horses, cats and dogs?  Another good question with good answers was “Name the one thing you dread about going to the doctor.”   Aunt Jewell was quick to answer (and with a smile) by stating “EVERYTHING!”   (The top 7 answers were the Wait, the Shots, Results/Bad News, the Exam, the Smell, the Bill, and Undressing!)

Brandi Quintos has graciously established a web page called Norton/Corwin Family that people can post to.  Last time I checked we had 29 members already!  So please feel free to add other family members.   Thank you Brandi!

If anybody has new ideas, or fun things to do, or want to make changes, please jump right in!  The 67th reunion will again be held on the third Sunday of September (09/15/2019) at noon.  We will meet at the Nutrition Site in Memphis.   Please encourage your family members to attend this annual event and let’s get our numbers back up!  Hope to see you all next year!  (Submitted by Cindy Robinson-Steen with assistance from many others)