The Memphis Democrat is seeking to enhance its editorial content. The newspaper is searching for interested parties to join forces with the weekly publication to share different viewpoints on topics of interest from the local, state and national level.

This isn’t a reality TV show battle royal type situation. We’re not looking to put two opposing viewpoints in the cage to let them fight to death. Instead, the Memphis Democrat is seeking topics of interest to discuss and debate, with members of the publication’s editorial panel offering pros and cons of the issue for educational purposes as well as entertainment value.

Initially the concept is to take suggested topics from subscribers and prospective readers and have two members of the editorial team offer their takes on the subject to be displayed side by side for readers to consume.

As the project is in its fledgling stages, the newspaper is not only seeking topics for debate, but also interested debaters. Depending on the subject matter, and how it is presented, we may even consider allowing pen names or even anonymity for prospective authors who are seeking to avoid the fame that goes along with being a newspaper contributor as opposed to trying to hide from any perspective wrath their opinions made create.

If you would consider helping us out, please mail editor Chris Feeney at or stop by the newspaper office for a chat.