Why do we read the newspaper? We may feel it keeps us up to date with the basic account of local life. We get news and new laws for all ages, good and bad.

My mind for basics takes me back to diapers for our children. For the first baby we bought flannel and I sewed diapers by hand. I did not have a machine, so we put that on our list of needs.

With the machine I hemmed diapers for the next six. By that time we heard of disposable diapers. Life was getting easier. My husband ordered a case of twelve dozen packs. And, we began to read the advertisements more fully.

As we listen to news and read the papers, we get advice about more than diapers. We learn of food, clothing and medicine for all ages. Some of these we may accept…others avoid.

When we get together in a group we may laugh as we remember the ‘old days’. Today is a challenge for reasonable progress. Tomorrow is not always predictable.