Once again, Christmas has been celebrated in grand fashion in most homes for 2015. God bless each home who celebrated His birth with family and friends.  A great time to visit, reflect, sit back and enjoy the little ones and the sparkle in their eyes as they open gifts and wait for Santa.

Maybe some of you received new bird houses or bird feeders as gifts.  I hope you enjoy them and fill them with black oil sunflower seed.  I have some suet out for my feathered friends as well.  At times, I am only feeding House Sparrows,  I am so frustrated with my winter feeding.  The lack of cold weather and snow cover has a lot to do with this. I enjoy the warmer weather, as I am sure you all do too, but here in the country, the birds just don’t flock to the feeders as much.

In the trails, I see American Goldfinches, Chickadees, Blue Jays, Bluebirds, Nuthatches, creepers and more.  I have also been excited to see several Eagles.

You also might want to get started building a few bluebird houses for your yard or trail next spring.  There are many patterns out there to go by, and make sure you make a door that opens to keep check on your eggs and babies.  Don’t check in on them too often, just monitor them.  Constantly letting children open the doors will have an effect on your success.

It is a great time to bind with your grandkids and bird loving friends.  There are so many topics to discuss.  Flowers and shrubs that attract birds, where to locate the houses, when do the hummingbirds return, how many feeders do you put out,  when to change the nectar, how many pair of bluebirds did you have this year, did you see that new suet they are selling!

Please enjoy your new year with your family and tell someone every day that you love them.  Times goes by right before your eyes, and you never know about the coming year.  Have a great one, and love your neighbor.  Until next time, good bird watching.