While it is operated out of Texas, a new online fashion retail business has local ties that go well beyond the name, Memphis Grand.

Kyle and Sharon Magruder recently launched the internet company that they hope will bring a quality online style experience to men and women alike, focusing on craftsmanship and quality produced by artists they have come to know well over the years.

The store’s name can be traced back to Kyle’s childhood. Memphis was home to his mother, Evelyn Prebe Magruder.

“My mother grew up in Scotland County,” said Kyle. “Because we moved around a lot as I was growing up, Memphis, always seemed like home to me.  It was the place I always looked forward to spending time.”

Kyle was born in St. Joseph and lived across the Midwest in Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska as his father, Don Magruder, worked for Purina Mills in the cattle division. He ultimately ended up in St. Louis, where he graduated from South High School, and his parents still reside there.

He went on to graduate from Oklahoma State University, following in his father’s footsteps with an animal science degree. After spending more than a decade in the cattle business with the likes of Excel Beef Packers, Purina Mills and Laura’s Lean Beef, Kyle made the move to real estate. After relocating to Fort Worth, Texas 11 years ago, he took a position as a manager for the men’s department at a very nice clothing store in the city’s historic Stockyards District.

It was there that he met his future wife, Sharon. She too has a background in the cattle business dating back to her days on her family’s ranch in Idaho. She helped build a successful motor sports business while raising her two sons, Jimmy and Jack.

Sharon has been active in the fashion business, including retail sales, wholesale representation and as  partner in her own clothing line.

During the summer of 2018 the couple was preparing for career changes when the decision was made to launch the online store which officially debuted in October.

After years in the apparel business and different ventures, we decided to combine our creative forces resulting in Memphis Grand,” said Sharon. “Fort Worth is our home base for life and business, which demonstrates our love of music, jewelry, art, and fashion, keeping us always on the move.”

Memphis Grand features a wide variety of apparel from shirts, jackets and coats to accessories such as boots, hats purses and jewelry from over a dozen different artists and brands.

“We are just getting started,” said Sharon. “Both of us were looking at career changes this past summer and we decided to put our thoughts into action. It has been a business we have talked about over the years.”

Naming the new venture turned out to be a pretty simple task.

“Sharon and I both love the name/word Memphis so that is where it started from, and we decided to make it a tribute to my mom’s hometown,” said Kyle. “We had initially thought of another title but discovered there was a store in Memphis, with that name already so we then thought we had best come up with something brand new. As we came up with words to go with Memphis, the Grand sounded great from the first time it was spoke.”

The couple also added they liked that he title is unique sounding, not boxing them into one segment of the retail world.

“It has continued to grow on us and we like it even more now than ever,” said Sharon.

As the business continues to grow, Kyle noted the success will always be partially rooted in its name.

“I have lots of relatives in Memphis, and it’s where I spent a lot of my summer’s on my cousins ranch including being with them to show cattle at the Scotland County Fair,” he said. ” My grandma, Velma Prebe, lived in a little house on East Monroe Street where we had our Christmas celebrations with the extended family that were the highlight of the year!”

As families in Memphis prepare to celebrate Christmas, the Magruders hope memphisgrand.com can be of service.