More than 150 of the new home address signs have been order through the county as part of the implementation of the new 911 addressing system currently being transitioned to in Scotland County.

Memphis postal customers in rural Scotland County received official notice this week of new 911 addresses that are now officially in effect. The Scotland County Commission with the assistance of Mapping Solutions and the United States Postal Service is near completion of the Scotland County 911 addressing project. Over the past month the new addresses have been implemented for Scotland County postal addresses served by the Wyaconda, Downing, Rutledge, Greentop and Baring post offices.

Officials are recommending everyone wait approximately 30 days to begin changing the address with mailing considerations, noting everyone has a year to notify all mailers of their new address.

City and zip codes are not changing. Gone are the old rural route addresses with box numbers. They have been replaced with five digit house numbers accompanied with the County Road number, as originally established several years ago in the county grid map generated by former Highway Patrolman Roger Gosney.

“The County Commission consider a number of options, including naming the streets, but after talking with other counties that had experienced significant numbers of stolen signs, they decided to stick with the numbered road system,” said County Clerk Batina Dodge.

The key motivation for the change was the importance of an addressing system that will allow emergency responders to more easily locate people in need of help.

“Your old Rural Route address doesn’t indicate specifically where your house is located,” said Dodge. “The new address, which includes a house number and a street name, is based on a logical system that will make it easier for emergency responders to find your home in an emergency.”

In addition, the U.S. Postal Service will use this addressing system to deliver mail more efficiently. Parcel delivery services such as Fed Ex and UPS will use the address to deliver packages and the utility companies will be able to better deliver services. It will also accommodate future development and promote a positive image of Scotland County.

USPS has been an active participant in the transition and has advance notice of all of the address changes. The transition will not impact mail service. The change will have no impact on post office box customers and will not change any addresses within the Memphis city limits. Addresses were updated in all of the other towns in the county, by agreement with the county and the elected officials representing each community.

As part of the transition to the new system, organizers are asking that property owners install their new house number in sign format as soon as possible. For EMS purposes as well as for ease of deliveries, the house number should be displayed where the property’s driveway intersects with the county, state or private road and should be clearly visible from all approaches to the drive.

The county is offering signs as well as posts and installation hardware for sale.

“You do not have to order a sign from the county, but we are offering the option with the mindset that the uniformity might make for ease of recognition,” said Dodge.

The signs are 18 inches by six inches and made of 0.08 gage aluminum. The double-sided display is a high density prismatic lettering with four-inch numbers. The posts are six-foot galvanized u-channel and include the hardware to install the sign. The materials are produced by inmates at the Missouri Vocational Enterprises correctional industries of the state prison system.

Signs cost $12 and the posts and hardware are $17. Dodge said more than 150 have already been ordered. She noted orders take three to four weeks to fulfill.

Approximately 30 days after receiving the notice of your new address, patrons are reminded to make notifications of the new address to vendors, utility providers and subscription based accounts such as magazines and newspapers. Common address change notifications will include your banking institutions, and insurance providers. Driver’s license address changes must be done through the Missouri Department of Revenue as well.

Dodge stressed the importance of updating your information with the county clerk’s office for voter registration.

“This is very important as we do not want anyone to be disenfranchised because their address is not properly reflected in their voter registration,” said Dodge.

To that effect, her office has included voter registration information in the mailings being sent out by Mapping Solutions to all county residents whose address has been changed by the new system.

“There is only one letter in each mailing, so in instances where more than one registered voter resides at the property, you will need to make a copy of the application or visit the Missouri Secretary of State’s website to print additional applications,” Dodge said.

She explained that voter registration can also be completed online, but only with devices with a touch screen that allows for accurate signatures to be recorded.

“If you need additional help just contact our office and we will be glad to mail out additional applications or help in any way we can to complete your registration,” she said.

Also the county clerk’s office is asking anyone who believes they should have received the mailing from Mapping Solutions, but has not, to contact her office at 465-7027. Also anyone who believes there is an error in their address is asked to contact the office immediately.