Wind, rain, wind, rain!  I am writing this the day after we had such a rainy, windy Wednesday, April 5.  It was a day I chose not to go outside.

Finally some sunshine and blue sky. My little American Gold Finches were so cold and wet… and they are starting to get their beautiful color back.

Many birds are thinking about nesting and getting ready for their first clutch of babies… Robins, Bluebirds, Woodpeckers and more.  The Robins are really busy right now, and in abundance too. My front yard is full of Robin Red breasts. They bob along in the front yard seeking out worm after worm.

Their nests are neatly constructed of mud and grasses. We know they won’t have a shortage of mud.  They build a while, shape a while, and then line with fine grass – a very neatly constructed nest. Many times, however, to be blown out of a tree to destruction during our spring winds and rain storms.

I always have a Robin build a nest on the front porch of the cabin, and for two years on our back deck.  Last year, the deck robin succumbed to varmints and rain storms.  Hopefully this year, they will build a safe secure nest. I enjoy watching their progress.

My rule of thumb for most nesting birds is untouched by human hands.  I know how we love to look, touch and hold, but if we can refrain, and let nature take its course, it is much better.  I do check my birdhouses regularly, and sometimes let the kids look, but to be on the safe side, it’s best to leave alone.

I hope you all are enjoying this sunny weather, and the high pressure.  Keep up the bird watching, and enjoy!  Until next time!