I’m hesitant to write about this. My intent is to both encourage and awaken. Yet, my complete inadequacy is likely to steal my own thunder. If this account would serve to cheer you forward, mission accomplished. All I can do is try.

I went to one of my three McDonalds a bit ago for coffee. And there she was again. I’ve seen her before. The apparent homeless lady who stands off to the side just inside of the entrance to keep warm. Standing by the trash bins, she’s out of sight of the employees.

I got my coffee and burrito and took a table. I watched her; pondering if and how I might help.

She’s a frail sort. My guess is possibly in her 40s? Wearing slacks, a top, and a jacket, I also noticed her feet. And then I saw her shoes were taped in plastic bags. Yes, surely homeless, she stood out of sight best she could only to occasionally get a benevolent refill from a very kind employee.

I tried to go on with my casual morning. However, this morning I just couldn’t. I wondered to myself…if she were Jesus standing there, would I ignore him as well. I got myself over to the counter and bought her a sandwich. When I took it to her, a strange thing happened that I still can’t figure.

Very gently, I handed the woman the bag with the sandwich inside. I wished her a good day. Her eyes smiled, but she could not speak. I was not sure if she does not speak English… or… if she does not have a voice at all. I could tell that she was not afraid, but that her ability to speak was restrained. Wishing not to make her feel uncomfortable in drawing attention, I wished her a good day and moved on to my car.

As I sat in my car, I watched her from the rear-view mirror. She  just stood; the bag sitting where I left it. She just stood. Nothing…as if she were somehow treasuring the moment.

And in a bit, she looked toward Heaven with hands clasped as if she were praying. I don’t know who she is, where she is from, nor where she is going. But I know this… she carries the power to bless this man’s heart… for certain…for she just did.

Maybe, just maybe, she blessed some of you as well. In much of life, we just do not know how to respond to many of the moments which stand right in front of us. May we cheer each other forward best we can…to help others to have a good day.