Work crews clean up debris Tuesday morning after storms overnight ripped the roof off the Hopkins Lumber warehouse and deposited it in the vacant lot to the east of the building.

Warmer weather Monday, March 6th, turned dangerous overnight as winds escalated across northeast Missouri, eastern Iowa and northwest Illinois on March 6th resulting in widespread storm damage across the region.

According to the National Weather Service, winds topped 70 mph while the area also witnessed hail and a few small tornadoes were reported in the St. Louis and Quad Cities NWS reporting areas.

High winds  ripped the roof off the show room at Hopkins Lumber in Memphis. The top of the building, located on the north side of Monroe Street, was ripped off and deposited in the vacant lot to the east of the building.

Owner Becca Dannenhauer said no one was hurt in the incident, which was reported at approximately 9:40 p.m.

“It’s not our main building but our warehouse and showroom area roof,” she said. “I had not been gone from work too long when I got the call to head back to Memphis. It could be worse. This is only a small bump in the road for the legacy of Hopkins Lumber. A lemon I say, here is a glass of lemonade.”

Memphis Police Chief Bill Holland said the roof damage was the lone property damage report received by his department.

“We had a few dumpsters blown away, a trampoline or two but the Hopkins Lumber roof was the only major damage,” said Holland. “There were some limbs down but I don’t know that we even lost a single big tree.”

The Scotland County R-I School District reported storm damage to the football field lights, with at least one light pole downed by the high winds.

High winds damaged the Scotland County R-I football field lights.

The City of Memphis indicated there were a few momentary power issues caused by lines whipping in the high winds, but overall electrical services went uninterrupted by the severe weather.

Scotland County Deputy Bryan Whitney reported that the county also escaped the storm relatively damage free, with some minor tree damage and the storm’s target of choice apparently, a few trampolines, blown away by the high winds. He did report a pontoon boat was damaged when the high winds flipped it over in the owner’s driveway.

Whitney, like Holland, noted that damage reports will likely trickle in over the next few days following the storm.