Hello I hope your day is going well, and you are still enjoying a few birds, especially the hummingbirds. They are getting fewer here, but I still have several each day at the feeders. It will be lonely without their little squeaks at the feeders and the flitter of their little wings.

More on the life of Miss Ella Ewing… at age 12 and much taller than her mother, she outgrew a school outfit every two weeks. Depression would often cloud her mind.  Her height at age 13 was that of her father and the size of her feet very large.  Of course, the boys kidded her about her feet.  She had a wonderful friend in Pearl Boyer.  They spent a lot of time with each other and Pearl was very supportive with Ella’s problems in growth.

It became increasingly hard for her to sit in a regular school desk. Her legs were too long and her feet too big.  She had to sit sideways in her seat with her legs and feet stretched out in the aisle. Her father eventually built her a special desk and chair, which made it much easier to handle school.  The school boys all helped carry the new desk into the one room building.  With this new desk and chair, the attitude of respect came from the children as she did not look so out of proportion.

Now at age 14 she was 6 feet 8.5 inches tall. Her need to travel to Memphis or Kahoka to purchase overalls that fit her continued as she and her mother could not sew fast enough to keep her in clothing.  The cloth they were forced to buy was the primary purchase each time they traveled to Rutledge or Wyaconda.

More to come later… until then keep watching your feathered friends, and enjoy. I promise I will get back to the birds here before long. Until next time, good bird watching.