The Scotland County Ministerial Alliance met April 11the at the St. Paul Lutheran Church in Memphis with Dan Hite, Marie Ebeling, Karen Biggs and Mark Appold present. The meeting opened at 1:15 p.m. with a prayer by Hite.

The treasurer’s report was submitted from Dee Wiley via text by Karen Biggs.  The balances as of April 11were $1076.05 in the general fund; $1211.34 in the food pantry account; $1098.16 in the Tiger Packs account and the Back Packs Back to School Fund was at $1907.72.

Upcoming events briefly discussed were: May 3 National Day of Prayer to be held at the Ignite Church and May 9th Baccalaureate at the SCR-I high school at 7 p.m.

Hite told the group of a family gospel blue grass group, The Paul Family, with whom he has been in contact.  This five-member group will be in Memphis May 23. Dan suggested that S.C.M.A. host a gathering that evening open to the public at the Johnson Park with burgers, hot dogs, chips, lemonade, tea, etc. provided. The tentative plans includes asking each church to provide desserts; starting the meal at 6 p.m and having the music begin at 7 p.m. The Johnson park pavilion had been reserved.

Discussion was held about the Vesper service at the Scotland County Fair July 8 as Dan Hite has been contacted by Julie Blessing concerning the Fair Board’s desire to reignite interest in a local talent contest which they have planned for July 10.  Their wish was that S.C.M.A. secure musical talent from outside our county to sing during the Vesper service.  The suggestion was made that the group Renewed be considered. Further information must be gathered before these plans can be finalized.

A brief discussion was held concerning the Clothes Closet, in light of the report of a new roof being needed and the building itself needing replacement. Other concerns dealt with the lack of dependability of the building being opened to the public on a regular schedule, and the concerns of those who do work there.  Dan Hite reported that more information is needed and uniform procedures are needed by those supplying the work.

Upcoming events include the next regularly scheduled SCMA meeting on May 9. At the June 13 SCMA meeting Shelley Curry is planning to be present to talk about foster care families, respite care, and the family services regulations.

Closing prayer was offered by Mark Appold.